What the Election Means for Addiction and Recovery

Greensboro NC Drug RehabSubstance abuse has been affecting Americans for decades.  It is something that seems to be getting worse with time. Understanding how important drug recovery and therapy are is key in the fight to beat addiction.

As we all know, the 2016 presidential campaign and election has just been completed. So how will the winner affect addiction recovery? Let's find out! Searching for quality Greensboro NC drug rehab and alcohol treatment? Call Legacy Freedom of Greensboro today.

The Presidential Election and Addiction Recovery

After a long journey of Republican and Democratic debate, Donald Trump was elected president. Topics discussed during this presidential campaign were very controversial yet very important. One of the focuses was drug treatment, addiction and prevention.

The democratic front runner, Hillary Clinton used drug treatment and drug abuse prevention as a major part of her campaign. She talked in detail about a $10 billion plan to help with opiate addictions in the US. She also planned to put drug offenders who were nonviolent in drug rehab instead of incarcerating them.

President-elect Donald Trump also has strong views on drug rehab and prevention. While his stance has slightly changed throughout his campaign, he has come to realize that recreational legalization of marijuana is not something he supports. He does however, support medical marijuana.

Donald Trump sees the benefits in rehab. He also is a believer in second chances. In 2006, one of the Miss USA winners fell victim to addiction. Mr. Trump send her to an inpatient treatment facility.

Most of our drug problems in this country, according to Donald Trump, lie with immigrants. He believes that deporting or incarcerating illegal immigrants who are bringing drugs into this country and selling them can help with abuse prevention. He believes that strengthening the southern borders will help stop the illegal importing of opiates. Even more, he has plans to increase the budget of drug treatment. Mandatory addiction treatment is part of the plan. Trump has said he will work towards removing insurance hindrances and also create legislation that will accelerate the US Food and Drug Administration approval process for abuse deterrent drugs.

According to PBS.com, "The Drug Enforcement Administration says 79 percent of the heroin it analyzed in 2014 came from Mexico. Trump also has accused China of contributing to the problem, proposing to make it harder for Chinese dealers to ship deadly drugs into the United States. A Drug Enforcement Agency report released this summer says Chinese labs are mass-producing fentanyl and marketing it to North American drug trafficking groups."

Trump also supports the idea that the DEA should limit production of opioid painkillers that are frequently misused like fentanyl and oxycodone.

It is our hope that drug abuse awareness continues in this country. With election day behind us, we hope to keep moving forward in a positive and enlightening way for drug recovery and treatment centers.

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