therapy in Asheville, NCLooking for therapy that can help you or a loved one overcome mental disorders that may be disrupting your life? Legacy Freedom offers various types of rehabilitation and treatment that does not include medication. Our holistic approach offers an alternative to medications that can often be harmful and have side effects that are hard to overcome. Below, we talk about one of the treatment options we have available for mental disorders.

Have you ever heard of EMDR therapy in Asheville, NC? If not, you aren’t alone. This newly discovered treatment for mental disorders like PTSD and similar conditions is quickly becoming popular for its treatment effects. EDMR stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.

The therapy is used to treat those that have experienced a situation that leaves them afraid, anxious or stressed to the point that it is causing serious problems within their lives.

This type of therapy is unique. It’s not like anything commonly used for mental disorders. However, that doesn’t mean the results are unique. They’re very useful and helpful in situations where traumatic experiences are hindering quality of life.

Though these methods work for helping people with anxiety, PTSD and other issues, it is still considered controversial within the health care world. Why? It’s new and rapidly gaining popularity. While the method does work like hypnotherapy in a way, it’s still being researched and tested.

Once you’re in a session, EMDR can last around 90 minutes. Depending on your therapist, you may experience a shorter time. Following hand motions from the professional EMDR therapist, you’ll use your eyes to follow their fingers back and forth while they move in front of your face. While you follow the hand motions, the therapist will ask about emotional, traumatic and other type of events that have happened in the past. You will begin recalling them. Then, the professional will gear thoughts around happy, positive ones that do not include the past trauma.

EMDR therapy in Asheville, NC can help lessen affects the past experience has on you. You’ll be able to work with each session towards disabling fear or anxiety that comes with disturbing memories. To learn more about this type of treatment be sure to visit back with our next blog post. There we will offer more details about this new type of therapy program offered by Legacy Freedom.

When disturbing memories are triggered, it's different for everyone. It doesn't have to be from a military experience. Oftentimes, it can be abuse as a child, car accident or other traumatizing experience. Don't ignore these symptoms if you've been subjected to them. Legacy Freedom can help. EDMR treatment can work to help anyone with these types of disorders. Keep reading to learn more.

Affordable EDMR Therapy in Asheville, NC - Call Legacy Freedom

If you’re suffering from any type of mental disorder that is disturbing your life, consider alternative therapy treatment. We are here to help. To talk with a professional, contact Legacy Freedom of Asheville. PTSD and other mental illnesses are something that can plague anyone, no matter what the root cause is. You're not alone in this. Legacy is here fo you. Call now for more information about our EMDR therapy in Asheville, NC.

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