Easy Conversation Topics – Food, Travel, and More

Columbus OH drug rehabIf you've been following along with the blogs from our Columbus OH drug rehab center lately, you might have noticed that we have been changing things up a little by discussing conversation topics. While it might seem a little outside the scope of traditional addiction treatment, the life-long recovery process is a long and hard road to travel so having a multitude of coping skills is necessary to be successful.

Part of coping with addiction treatment is re-acclimating back into the sober world, the real world. This means finding new places to hang out, making new friends, basically all sorts of things. Knowing how to talk to people, start and hold conversations, and generally being interested in what they're saying can actually be tough at times. That's why we feel it's good take a look at addiction recovery from a different perspective and give you coping tools that really impact your day-to-day interactions in a positive way.

In today's post, we are going to be continuing our series on easy conversation topics. We're going to be talking about food and cooking, travel, and other fun things. Be sure to check out the other posts in this series. We'll link them at the bottom of the page. If you have concerns or questions about a loved one's substance abuse issues, please call Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers as soon as possible. We can help your family with affordable Columbus OH drug rehab and alcohol treatment. Our outpatient addiction recovery programs are customized to each person's individual needs, and allow the person in treatment to be home for the holidays, go to work, and finish school. Call us today to learn more.

How to Talk About Food, Fun, and Travel

These ideas below could technically fall under the category of hobbies. However, we feel that, since you can really learn a lot about a new person from asking about these topics, they deserved their own space and review. These conversation topics are also commonly discussed among friends and acquaintances.

Food and Cooking

Everyone eats food, and lots of people also consider themselves to be foodies. That makes talking about food and cooking an easy and fun topic for your conversation arsenal. Most even enjoy talking about their personal favorite foods and recipes. Here are a few examples on how to talk about food and cooking.

  • Ask about recent restaurants they've been to lately. Ask them if the food was good or bad, how the service was, and why he or she decided to go there.
  • Ask the person about the types of cooking they do at home. Do they like grilling outside, baking delicious desserts, or cooking up seven-course meals? For all you know, they could enjoy dining out the most.
  • Ask them if they like to try exotic foods, or cook foods from a specific culture.
  • Ask them for tips or tricks for cooking some of your favorite foods. They could cook the best steak you've had, so ask them about it.
Domestic and International Traveling

Columbus OH drug rehabMost people love to travel to new places and experience new things. For me, some of my most memborable experiences in life came from traveling. I love to talk about those experiences when people ask me. This is true for most people you talk to. Even if the person you're talking to isn't a world traveler, they might have been to some really cool local places, or have dreams and aspirations of traveling more.

Here are a few examples on how to get the conversation rolling.

  • Ask about the countries or states they have traveled to. If you find out you've been to the same places, expand on it and share personal stories.
  • Ask them about their favorite trip they've taken.
  • Ask them where their favorite place they've traveled to locally is.
  • If the person is from a different country, ask them about the similarities and differences between the two locations.
  • Ask them about their dream trip, or where they would visit next if money and resources were not a consideration.
  • Ask them if they can speak a different language.
Combo Topics

You can also use these ideas to make easy conversational transitions from one subject to another, and use them to combine topics as well. Here are a few examples for you to use if the person says they like to travel, or has a favorite city or location they've traveled to in the past.

  • When you travel back to your favorite city, what's your favorite thing to do?
  • When you go back on a visit to "city name", what's the name of your favorite restaurant? What's your favorite food item on their menu?
  • If the person is from a different country, ask them about what food they miss most, or what food they have to eat when they go for a visit.
  • If the person is from a different country, ask what he or she does for fun when they go home for a visit.

Don't miss our next post on easy conversation starters and topics. We'll be wrapping up the series with more great ideas and our final thoughts. To read the earlier posts in this series, use the links below.

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