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Drug Treatment in Wilmington NCIt's no secret that North Carolina is a hotbed of drug activity on the East Coast. Thanks to its central location, drug traffic has spiked in recent years. The number of North Carolinians who abuse drugs has skyrocketed. Emergency rooms, first responders and methadone clinics struggle to keep up with the demand this increase in drug use places on their resources. Law enforcement officers are also working diligently to get the drugs and the people who move them off the streets. If you need alcohol rehab and drug treatment in Wilmington NC, call Legacy Freedom.

As recently as the end of May, the Wilmington Police Department used their Text-a-Tip program to investigate and bust a large drug operation in the Wilmington area. The amount of drugs and cash seized was alarming. The raid yielded $22,000.00 in cash, 700 grams of powdered cocaine and 14,000 bindles of heroine. Four firearms were also seized, and six people were arrested. The charges ranged from trafficking heroin and manufacturing heroin and cocaine. Charges were also filed for possession with intent to sell or distribute cocaine.

Even more drug arrests have been made in Wilmington in recent weeks. A nightclub owner and businessman was arrested in connection with having methamphetamines sent to him via the U.S. postal service. The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office worked in tandem with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency to investigate the case. The owner of the Ibiza Nightclub was charged with possession of a schedule 4 controlled substance, two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, trafficking in amphetamine/methamphetamine, possession with intent to sell/distribute methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine, manufacturing methamphetamine, and maintaining a vehicle/dwelling for controlled substance. The man ordered the 90 grams of methamphetamine off the "dark web." After the initial arrest, officials found an additional four grams of methamphetamines and between $30,000 and $40,000 in cash.

Meanwhile in Northampton County NC a ten-month investigation concluded with a significant drug bust. More than $20,000 worth of heroin was seized from a home. The 78 bricks of heroin were taken in addition to five vehicles, an AK-47 assault rifle, 4.2 ounces of crack cocaine and 5.3 ounces of cocaine. Northampton County has seen a dramatic increase in the tricounty area. Northhampton County Sheriff Jack Smith said that opiate drugs are an epidemic and that at least one person a day dies as a result in the tricounty area. The task force that executed the investigation and raid was created last year in response to the area's heroin epidemic. The man who was arrested in connection with the drugs, vehicles and the weapon was charged with trafficking cocaine and heroin and was characterized by law enforcement as a high-level drug dealer.

Pender County was rocked in early June by a murder that occurred as the result of a drug deal gone wrong. Two brothers from Teachey, NC were charged in the death of a Williard, NC man after they shot him in the back. The deceased man showed up to purchase drugs from the brothers, but instead of buying the drugs he took them and ran. The pair then chased the man in their vehicle before wrecking it and subsequently shooting the man in the back. The victim died on scene. Police recovered an AR-15 rifle and two bags of marijuana. The brothers are now facing charges for conspiracy to sell marijuana, and possibly capital murder charges.

All of these incidents serve as cautionary tales to those who find themselves immersed in this lifestyle as a result of their drug addiction. Whether you're newly addicted or have battled addiction for years, it's never too late to get help and break the hold addiction has on your life. Former substance addicts overcome their addictions to and return to work, family and friends each and every day.

Affordable Outpatient Drug Treatment in Wilmington NC For Summer

Do you or someone you love struggle with drug or alcohol rehab and drug treatment in Wilmington NCalcohol addiction? There is help for your addiction at Legacy Freedom of Wilmington. Our approach to addiction treatment is unlike any other program you have ever tried. We believe that the recovery process should focus on you, not your addiction. We are not a twelve step program. Utilizing a holistic approach to drug treatment allows us to get to the root cause of your addiction and help you understand and cope with the co-occurring issues that feed your addiction.

Your journey to sobriety begins with your Life-Purpose coach. Assigned to you and empowered to create a care plan especially for you, your Life-Purpose coach will help you understand the therapeutic process at Legacy Freedom. We believe in treating your mind, body, and spirit. Your treatment begins with nourishing and healing your body through diet and exercise. Working with our staff dietician and physical therapist, healing the damage that drugs have done to your physical body begins. Proper nutrition is essential to prepare you for your journey to sobriety.

Through one-on-one talk therapy sessions, your therapist will help you discover why you choose to abuse alcohol or drugs. Maybe you are trying to numb the pain of an abusive childhood or relationship or escape a mental illness like PTSD or bipolar disorder. Whatever the cause, our experts can help you identify the underlying reasons for your addiction and learn to cope and manage these co-occurring conditions. Group alcohol rehab and drug treatment in Wilmington NC allows for you to find support in your peers both inside the group and away from our outpatient treatment centers. Involving family and loved ones in your care is essential to creating a network of support and accountability as you recover your sobriety.

Learning to cope and manage your thoughts, feelings and cravings is critical to long term sobriety. Legacy Freedom utilizes alternative therapies like inner child work, equine therapy, tai chi and more to help you learn new coping skills, new ways to combat cravings and manage stress. Your care team will help you choose the right therapies for you based on your needs and interests.

If you are tired of struggling with your drug or alcohol addiction, we can help. Tired of watching your friend or loved one struggle? Help is a phone call or a click away. Learn more about our alternative treatment options, our holistic approach to addiction and what makes Legacy Freedom different than anything you've tried before. Become a Legacy success story and begin your journey to a sober, healthy and purpose filled life today with the best alcohol rehab and drug treatment in Wilmington NC!

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