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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Wilmington NCDrug related news has dominated the headlines in Eastern North Carolina recently. Every time you turn on the news or read a newspaper, you hear about the number of drug related overdoses, deaths and arrests. It is important to be aware of this growing epidemic in North Carolina. Let’s take a look at a few of the more popular drug related news stories. If you're searching for a drug and alcohol treatment center in Wilmington NC, be sure to call Legacy Freedom for help.

Onslow County man charged with selling pot to high schoolers

After the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office received an anonymous tip, they began investigations into Michael Wayne Radetski, 41, of Holly Ridge. The tip said he was selling marijuana near Dixon High School. After the authorities performed a thorough search of Radetski’s home on December 21, they confiscated 160 grams of marijuana, an AR-style rifle, a semi-automatic handgun, hundreds of rounds of ammunition,and an undisclosed amount of cash.

Radetski was placed under arrest and his bail was set at $170,000. Radetski faces charges of:

•    Possession with intent to manufacture/sell/deliver marijuana
•    Manufacturing marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school
•    Manufacturing marijuana
•    Felony possession of marijuana
•    Maintaining a dwelling for a controlled substance
•    Possession of a firearm by a felon
•    Misdemeanor child abuse/neglect (two counts)
•    Possession of marijuana paraphernalia

Wilmington man sentenced for making meth and heroin

Earlier this month, Christopher Natale, 34, of Wilmington, was sentenced to 58-82 months is prison after pleading guilty to two counts of manufacturing methamphetamine and selling heroin. Detectives were investigating a home they believed to be manufacturing methamphetamine when Natale pulled up in his truck. He then told the detectives he was at the property to give an estimate on removing a tree.

Drug dogs soon noticed the scent of narcotics coming from his truck so it was searched and the police found chemicals used in making meth. Natale had pending charges from a few months earlier when he sold heroin to a confidential informant and pending charges from previously being caught with the chemicals to make meth.

A study released in April 2016 by a healthcare information center based in San Francisco ranked Wilmington number one on the list of the top 25 cities for opioid abuse so it may not come as a surprise that these things are happening in the area.

The assistant district attorney of Wilmington, Timothy Severo, is grateful for the efforts of the sheriff’s office and the North Carolina SBI Crime Lab agents in handling this case saying “this dangerous operation would have continued to poison our community.”

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NC sheriff’s office arrests 31 major marijuana bust

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Wilmington NCThree men were arrested last month in Wilmington at the conclusion of an ongoing investigation. Eric Tyler Bunting, 26, Keith Bryan Whitworth, 57, and Paul Robert Jones, 55, were all arrested by the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office for selling high quality marijuana.

Whitworth was taken into custody with 10 pounds of marijuana on Dec. 16 at Carolina Beach. Whitworth and Jones’ residence was then searched by detectives leading to the arrest of Jones. Detectives uncovered around eight more pounds of marijuana as well as 28 grams of an opiate-based narcotic in a lockbox belonging to Jones.

Lieutenant Jerry Brewer with the sheriff’s office made the arrests and said that both Whitworth and Jones have strong ties to Chico, California and he believes they are responsible for the hundreds of pounds of marijuana in the Wilmington area. Bunting surrendered to the New Hanover County Magistrate after law enforcement officers confiscated 37 pounds of marijuana from a business Bunting has ties to in Carolina Beach.

Whitworth - $100,000 bond and charged with:

•    Trafficking marijuana (five counts)
•    Possession with intent to sell/deliver marijuana (two counts)
•    Felony possession of marijuana (two counts)
•    Manufacturing marijuana (two counts)
•    Maintaining a vehicle/dwelling for a controlled substance (two counts)

Jones - $500,000 bond and charged with:

•    Trafficking marijuana (two counts)
•    Trafficking opium or heroin (two counts)
•    Possession with intent to sell/deliver marijuana
•    Manufacturing marijuana
•    Felony possession of marijuana
•    Maintaining a vehicle/dwelling for a controlled substance (two counts)
•    Possession of a schedule II controlled substance (two counts)

Bunting - $20,000 bond and charged with:

•    Trafficking marijuana (five counts)
•    Possession with intent to sell/deliver marijuana (three counts)
•    Felony possession of marijuana (three counts)
•    Manufacturing marijuana
•    Maintaining a dwelling to store marijuana

Marijuana mailed to North Carolina from legal states

Some states have legalized marijuana for medical or even recreational use. A person is legally allowed to use marijuana in states like California, Washington and Colorado (under certain guidelines and laws), and these are the origins of most of the confiscated packages of marijuana.

“Most of the marijuana that had been seized is high quality exotic marijuana, however they are also seizing mid-grade marijuana that is coming in from Mexico,” a news release from North Carolina Sheriff James Knight said.

This was the case when a three pound package of marijuana was sent to Princeville, NC through FedEx. Deputies then conducted a controlled delivery. After arriving at the address on the package, deputies discovered the rooms in the house were being rented out to many different people.

After a little more investigating they found a room that had a “very strong odor of marijuana” and deputies arrested Morquel Howell, 37. Howell cooperated with the cops and they found seven more pounds of marijuana as well as $5,000 in cash. Howell was charged with trafficking marijuana, possession with intent to sell marijuana, and possession of cocaine. His bond was set at $10,000.

It is alarming how quickly North Carolina’s drug problem has grown over the last few years. It’s always important to be aware of what’s going on in your community relating to drug crimes and violence. Remember to report anything that looks suspicious. The easiest way to stay off of drugs is to never try them to start with.

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