E-Cigarettes and Your Child – What All Parents Should Know

substance abuse treatment centers in raleigh NC Having children is a blessing. Having teenagers can be a complicated blessing. Teens are a tricky bunch. They are a group trying to come into their own, transitioning from being a child to an adult. They often think they know everything and sometimes do not want to listen to reason. You desperately want the best for your teen and you want to keep them safe, as well as help them be successful in school, and life. Having these ambitions for your child also brings about a lot of worry and stress. This is natural because your child faces lots of daily pressures in their lives. Unfortunately, this also includes substance abuse. If your child is suffering from addiction and you are searching for substance abuse treatment centers in Raleigh NC, please call Legacy Freedom today for affordable, outpatient help.

Teens are also at that age where they might experiment with smoking, drinking, or using drugs just to fit in and "be cool", or to deal with the stresses and pressures of school and life in general. You might think your child is well adjusted, with positive coping skills, but this might be really far from reality. No one, especially teens, is immune from peer pressure and avoiding these temptations can be difficult.

Today, parents have a new substance to worry about: e-cigarettes. Are you familiar with these new devices that let teens get away with smoking without out actually burning traditional cigarettes? Part one in this mini series will introduce you parents to e-cigs, what they are, and if they're harmful. Part two will discuss facts about teen use and what you can do to help prevent it from happening with your child.

What Are E-Cigarettes? An e-cig is an electronic nicotine delivery system that allows the user to inhale a nicotine mixed water vapor instead of traditional cigarette smoke. Each e-cig apparatus contains a battery and heating element that warms up a chamber where the nicotine infused mixture is stored. Almost immediately, the user is able to inhale and exhale the infused vapor. Supporters of e-cigs claim the devices can be used to help smokers quit. These devices can give addicts a safer alternative for weaning themselves off nicotine, if patches or gum do not work.

The water vapor can be a mixture of different flavors so it's easy to hide the action in public or at home. These devices do not give off the traditional cigarette stench making smoking these devices really easy to hide from parents. Teens will also refer to this practice as vaping.

Are E- Cigarettes Harmful? E-cigarettes, and the water vapor mixtures have not been fully tested yet so the extent of the dangers are not fully known. However, we do know that most of the liquid mixtures do contain nicotine which is a highly addictive substance that can create a lifetime of problems. E-cigs can also allow users to become even more addicted to nicotine because of the "safe alternative" label. This factor will give some addicts the green light to "vape" whenever and wherever they choose to do so. Constantly vaping and delivering nicotine to your bloodstream will only make the addiction worse in the long run. We also know that nicotine can create cognitive development problems in young brains that are also long-lasting.

Just as with traditional cigarettes, parents should do their best to keep their kids away from vaping. Don't let this device become a gateway drug to harder substances.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Raleigh NC for Teens

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