How Does a DUI Affect Your Family Life?

alcohol rehab in Greensboro NCDrinking and driving is a serious problem that happens more than it should in the U.S. Not only is it a crime that comes with legal ramifications, it’s also dangerous. Those that choose to drive drunk are putting themselves and others at a risk that could cause severe injuries or worse. There are countless deaths each year, in addition to injuries that come from drunk drivers.

Even though we all understand what can happen while driving drunk, there are some that still choose to do so. That means they are at risk of getting a DUI. Most of the time, those that drive under the influence never stop to think about how a citation will affect them.

Not only will it cause problems with transportation for a while, it can also affect your professional and family life. Searching for alcohol rehab in Greensboro NC? Legacy can help. Call today.

How a DUI Can Affect Your Family Life

The way a DUI can affect your family life is perhaps the most difficult to deal with. Losing a license is hard to handle for everyone involved. You won’t be able to drive yourself to and from work or school. This especially, can also cause financial stress. What if the one charged and convicted of a DUI makes the most money? What if they have to quit their job because they have no transportation to and from work? The family might have trouble paying the mortgage, insurance, utility bills or getting groceries each month. Even a family with the strongest relationship can suffer when financial issues come into play. It’s only natural for this kind of thing to happen.

A DUI for first time offenders can cost anywhere between $2,500 and $15,000 depending on the severity of the situation. There are court costs to cover, lawyer fees, fines, required substance abuse counseling classes, and if needed/court appointed, ignition monitoring system rental fees for a vehicle.

In addition, childcare costs, school fees and clothing for your children might be difficult to pay for as well after the loss of an income. No matter who is convicted of the DUI - Dad, mom, teenage son or daughter -  the family budget will be compromised. Money for family dates, going to the movies and eating out will be eliminated so that necessities will be covered. Going without new clothing, extra snacks at the grocery store and more might find its way out of the budget for a while as well.

For more information about how a DUI can affect your family life, be sure to visit back with our next blog post, soon. Also be sure to contact Legacy Freedom if you or someone you know is having trouble drinking too much alcohol and not worrying about the consequences that come with habitual drinking.

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