Dry Halloween Party Ideas

Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Columbus OHHalloween is a social holiday. It is seen as a time when young people go out, get daring, and let loose. Whether it be for an office party or a night out on the town, consuming alcohol is typically on the agenda. However, not every party this Halloween has to include drinking. There are several options that you can choose to make staying sober a lot easier.

Today's post will be especially important for those in recovery as we are going to discuss several alternative ways to celebrate safely so you can avoid temptation and a relapse.

Sober Halloween Party Ideas

Have a Costume Contest - The first safe option on our list for a sober Halloween is to host your own costume party and contest. Make sure to invite all of your family, sober friends, neighbors and their kids. Making your event family friendly can reduce the risks of people bringing alcohol, especially if you make sure it's noted on your invites that your event will be a dry party. Be sure to give out prizes for the best and worst costumes. Take plenty of pictures and post them on social media.

Harvest Party - Just because it's Halloween doesn't mean that you have to do something that involves costumes. You could go the route of having a traditional harvest party instead. You can have a pumpkin carving station and give out prizes for the best, goofiest, and worst pumpkin. You can also set up plenty of games like bobbing for apples, corn hole, and ring toss just to name a few.

Chili Cook-off - Another great alternative is having a chili cooking contest. Halloween represents a seasonal change and as the weather gets cooler, chili makes for a great homey meal. Invite your coworkers, friends, and family to bring over their favorite recipes and have a vote. You can award prizes or bragging rights for the person who cooked the best batch.

Go Trick-or-Treating with Kids - A sure-fire way to stay sober this Halloween is to go trick-or-treating with a family that you are friends with, or help chaperone a group of local kids in your neighborhood. You can even dress up in costume so you don't feel left out.

Take a Haunted House Field Trip - Take a trip back in time to your childhood days and get all of your sober friends together for a spooky field trip to a haunted house. You're not going to be drinking and driving there and back, plus you cannot take alcohol into these places, so this is another great sober option.

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