Drunkorexia Trend Popular Among College Students

alcohol rehab in raleigh NCMoving to college can be a very stressful time in a young adult’s life. From moving away from home for the first time, to worrying about finding out where your classes are on a huge campus teens face a number of stressors. Then there is the dreaded and proverbial “freshman 15” - the supposed 15 pounds gained from a change of lifestyle, the fattening dining hall food and all of the alcohol college students drink.

Because of the fear of gaining weight, a new and dangerous trend has risen in popularity among college age students called “drunkorexia.” What is it? How dangerous is this trend? These answers will concern you! If your son or daughter needs alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC, be sure to call Legacy Freedom. Ask about our outpatient treatment programs.

What Is Drunkorexia?

The main point of drunkorexia is to avoid gaining weight due to drinking alcohol and to catch a buzz faster. Nearly one third of college students say they have participated in activities such as skipping meals, taking laxatives or working out heavily to offset the calories gained by drinking alcohol and to feel the effects of alcohol quicker. Drunkorexia borders the line between an alcohol disorder and an eating disorder, hence the name.

The University of Houston did an alcohol related study of 1,184 college students that claim they have consumed alcohol heavily at least once in the last 30 days and found that more than 80% of these students have engaged in one or more of the behaviors relating to drunkorexia in the three months before the survey took place. The study also found that students who lived in fraternity and sorority houses, and students who are athletes were more likely to partake in these risky behaviors. The practice of cutting calories for alcohol consumption was three times more likely to occur among women than in men but new studies show that men are becoming more self conscious of their appearance.

There are three major categories of drunkorexia— alcohol use and abuse, binge eating and extreme physical activity. These three aspects can be broken down into basic symptoms as follows:

    1. Counting daily calorie intake to make sure no calories will be gained when consuming alcohol.
    2. Skipping meals to conserve the previously mentioned allotted calories for consuming alcohol
    3. Overexercising to counter the calories gained from drinking
    4. Consuming an excessive amount of alcohol to induce vomiting of previously consumed food.

The answer to your problem is never at the bottom of a bottle. If you or someone you love has a problem with consuming too much alcohol, there is a solution. Call Legacy Treatment Center today to get started with alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC that will work for you. Our team of trained admission counselors will be more than happy to help you set up a treatment plan that is customized to work for your exact needs. It only takes one phone call to change your life; make that call today.

alcohol rehab in raleigh NCSince this new fad is basically self starvation alongside alcohol abuse, there are many dangers associated with drunkorexia. The chance of blackouts and alcohol poisoning skyrocket because of malnutrition. The point of participating in behaviors that are described as drunkorexia is to become drunker quicker. However, drinking on an empty stomach allows ethanol to reach the blood stream at a faster rate and can dangerously raise the body’s blood alcohol content too quickly. This can lead to alcohol-related brain injury and to extreme dehydration. It can also throw off the body’s retention of nutrients and minerals.

Alcohol affects the body’s cognitive functions and drinking without the proper fuel and nutrients for your body can lead to even more risky behaviors relating to sexual activities and violence. Also, engaging in this trend can cause a negative impact on your ability to focus and concentrate which can cause more problems for students.

Since drunkorexia isn’t a medically recognized disorder, there is no set treatment plan. However, because drunkorexia is a combination of an eating disorder and an alcohol disorder, a treatment plan for both bulimia/anorexia and for binge drinking would be the best option for someone dealing with this. It is very important to seek treatment if you are dealing with this problem because studies have shown that there is a link between eating disorders and substance abuse. For information, call Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers. We're the most experienced facility for quality alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC.

People who suffer from drunkorexia are more likely to develop a more serious eating disorder as well as a possible addiction to more substances. Many of the risk factors for determining the likelihood of developing an eating disorder are the same factors as determining the likelihood of developing a substance abuse problem. Some of those factors are:

    1. Low self esteem
    2. Family history
    3. Depression or anxiety
    4. High levels of stress
    5. History of sexual or physical abuse

Sometimes there are no warning signs, but these are just a few to especially look out for in yourself or a loved one.

There is so much pressure on young adults these days due to social media. People often turn to alcohol because it is a social lubricant. Heavy drinking is perceived to be the norm and many alcohol problems in college are tied to this way of thinking. Educating your teen on the dangers of binge drinking and peer pressure is one way to combat this new fad before it even starts.

Dr. Karen Miotto, a clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California of Los Angeles said, “They (students) always think that everyone else is drinking more than they are.”

She added, “and while 40 percent are engaging in heavy drinking, there are 60 percent who are not. In fact, there are 20 percent who are abstaining."

It is important to start talking to your teen about the dangers of over consuming alcohol so they will know how to handle the pressures, real or perceived, when they are on their own.

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