Drunk Family Members and the Holidays, continued

Columbus OH alcohol rehabThe holidays are supposed to be a fun time of celebrating with your family. But sometimes these holiday moments can be nightmarish if you have a family member who always shows up drunk. In this three part series we're tackling this issue by giving you some tips that will help you deal with this type of situation.

In part one, we discussed how taking a trip out of town or celebrating on a different day might be good options. Click here to read part one to get a better understanding of these tips for handling drunk family during the holidays. Part two will focus on a few more tips that include removing the alcohol, watering down the drinks, and avoiding isolation. If you have a family member struggling with alcohol abuse, call Legacy Freedom. We offer the best Columbus OH alcohol rehab and drug treatment services.

Dealing with Drunk Family

Have a Dry Celebration - Here is a simple solution to your problem - remove the booze! That's right, have a dry celebration and make sure no alcohol enters the home during the celebration. After all, your loved one simply cannot drink, or get drunk, if there is no alcohol. However, there is a possibility that they will show up drunk, but removing all the alcoholic beverages will prevent them from getting more intoxicated while they're attending.

Bottom line here is no booze, no problem, at least for a short period of time. This simple solution might save you a lot of headaches and embarrassment.

Water Down the Drinks - If you cannot have a dry party then take it upon yourself to be the bartender. If you want to ensure the person is not getting out of hand you should be the one pouring all of the drinks. When you're making the drinks, you're essentially controlling the amount of alcohol your loved one is consuming. You can even water them down if you choose. This will dilute the alcohol content.

Also, be sure to have plenty of food for everyone to eat while they're drinking. And if you conveniently "run out" of alcohol, then it will be our little secret.

Don't Isolate Yourself - Whatever you do, avoid isolating yourself and shutting yourself off from the rest of your family because one family member is being a drunk jerk. Isolating oneself is actually one of the traits that addicts commonly use to hide from the real world, and to hide their addiction problems from the ones they love. Don't fall victim to their behavior. Be out there and have fun and enjoy the holidays. If their behavior is too much, ask them to leave.

Don't miss part three where we discuss a few more tips and why encouraging treatment for them is paramount for their sobriety. Click here for dealing with drunk family member tips.

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