Redirecting Recovery

Drug Treatment in Charlotte NC Can Help Redirect Your Recovery After Relapse.

Relapse is a word that most recovering addicts never want to hear or think about. Chances are, if you're a recovering addict, you've hoped and prayed that you never reach the point of relapse. Maybe you stay awake at night, fearing you will reach that point. You might be realizing you're already there, and that's what brought you to our drug treatment in Charlotte NC blog.

Relapse is a serious issue that can happen at any point during one's recovery journey. It's important to face that fact without feeling anxiety or fear. It's best to instead realize you can recover from relapse, just as you recovered from your first bout of substance abuse.

In a few previous posts, we have outlined Legacy Freedom's best steps for recovering from a relapse. If you haven't read them all, feel free to do so. Today, our post will focus on the last step to recovering from relapse. Redirecting recovery.

Drug Treatment in Charlotte NC | Redirect your Recovery

Some people are mystified by relapse. They can’t possibly understand how it could happen; especially when everything was going according to plan and substance abuse was a thing of the past.

In some cases, relapse can seem to be something that just happens, out of the blue. When that does happen, it’s important to step back and reevaluate the situation and life being lived. Most of the time, relapse happens for a reason. Though the reason might not be directly obvious, you were most likely faced with a trigger that put you in the path of relapse. It's often hard to recognize triggers. They lurk in every corner, at the grocery store, in line at the bank. They're ruthless and can come at any point during your recovery.

If you do find yourself in the event of a seemingly random relapse, redirecting recovery ventures is needed at this point. For help with redirecting your life or to talk about substance abuse treatment from our Charlotte rehab, contact Legacy Freedom soon. We are here to help you get back to recovery.

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