Drug Trafficking Stats in the U.S.

drug treatment in wilmington NCDrug trafficking continues to grow in the U.S. even with law enforcement cracking down harder to keep it from coming across the borders. Over 30,000 arrests are made each year by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) that are related to the distribution and sale of illegal drugs.

While drug trafficking is a worldwide issue, the U.S. has seen an increase in illegal drugs in the past decade, costing us about $181 billion a year in costs related to healthcare, lost work, law enforcement activities and legal fees.

Over 32 percent of state inmates were either under the influence or in possession of drugs when they were arrested. Of the inmates, many of their charges are drug related offenses. If you need alcohol rehab or drug treatment in Wilmington NC call Legacy Freedom. We can help!

U.S. Drug Trafficking Stats

The number is lower for federal prison inmates, coming in at about 25 percent. Most were male and nearly half of them had no prior criminal history. Of all the traffickers, over 96 percent went to prison with an average sentence of 72 months.

Six main drugs are most commonly bought and sold in the U.S. – methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, crack cocaine, heroin and oxycodone.

Methamphetamine and cocaine tied as the most common, with 24 percent of offenses involving them. Marijuana offenses make up 21 percent. The others come in at less than 15 percent each.

According to research, Mexico seems to be the biggest supplier of drugs into the U.S. Drug cartels make an estimated $19-29 billion a year on drug sales in the states. Marijuana and methamphetamine are the top drugs brought into the states from Mexico.

Cocaine is also brought in from Mexico, although it is just moved through the country. It is not produced there. Most of it comes from South and Central America. Columbia is the main place it is grown and produced. It can be turned into powdered cocaine or into crack cocaine which is the rock form. Cocaine abuse has actually dropped in recent years, while prescription drugs abuse and heroin have increased.

The ways people can get drugs has changed in recent years. It is not necessary to buy them off of friends or on the street. There are ways to find and order illegal drugs online and have them delivered to your door. Most of the drugs ordered on the internet are considered designer drugs, which are made of synthetic materials and unregulated chemicals. Many of the ingredients are imported from China, where there are few laws regulating them.

Currently, there are over 9,000 DEA officers working to fighting drug trafficking across the U.S. Of those focused on Mexico, it is estimated that the violence that has ensued has caused over 50,000 deaths since 2006. They have been successful in stopping nearly $30 billion in revenue from potential drug deals. They have seized over 45,000 kilograms of cocaine, nearly 600 kilograms of heroin and over 650,000 kilograms of marijuana since 2008.

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