Having the Drug Talk With Your Child

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We are back with part two in our mini-series on the best way to talk to your child about the consequences of using drugs and alcohol; otherwise known as having "the drug talk". In part one of this series we highlighted several tips and ideas that should help you when you're faced with having this important conservation with your child. Today, the Columbus OH drug rehab counselors from Legacy Freedom want to expand a little more on this topic. We're going to continue with the tips and give you some ideas to make this talk a successful one.

You Have to Be Positive

When you get ready to have this talk with your kid, you have to be positive, have a positive and open mindset, and have faith in a positive outcome. You also have to be ready to listen more instead of talking more. We believe that you can prevent and deter alcohol and drug use without having to shout out dire warnings and consequences. Teens want and need to fit in with their peers. If you approach this conversation the wrong way, you could actually encourage a rebellious attitude, but you can also use this desire and need to your own advantage. The majority of your child's peers are not using drugs or alcohol, so using a few of these statistics might help by showing your teen that they do not have to give in to peer pressure to fit in. The annual Monitoring the Future study surveys approximately 50,000 students in eighth, 10th and 12th grades each year. In 2011, about 12.5% of eighth-graders reported using marijuana in the past year, and 7.2% of them reported using marijuana in the previous month. A little over 10% of the surveyed eighth-graders reported using any type of illicit drug, like inhalants, in the past 30 days. So tell your child that about 93% of all eighth-graders do not smoke pot and if they really want to fit in, they should avoid doing drugs.

Use Real-Life Examples of Addiction Consequences

As a parent, it is your job to do your best to always set a good example for your children; sometimes that is not good enough. When having the drug talk with your kids, do not be afraid to use real-world examples as proof of the consequences of substance abuse. You might even use a family member as an example if this person has had their own struggles with addiction problems. This is an especially good idea if your family has a history of mental issues or addiction problems. You should really speak sincerely with your children about how they are at an even higher risk of developing addiction problems compared to their peers and that they should avoid experimenting with drugs and alcohol at all costs.

Avoiding Drugs and Alcohol Is a Health Issue

Drug prevention begins at home, and you have to lead by example. If you lead an active and healthy lifestyle, then your children will follow suit. For instance, how you can tell your child not to smoke cigarettes when you smoke a pack a day? Now granted, most kids despise the smell of smoke but this type of behavior conditions them for future problems. You should also approach the drug talk without using language that discourages conversation. Do not communicate in a way that comes across as you interrogating your child, or trying to make them feel ashamed. You can approach the conversation as a health issue instead, since it is one. This can make a big impact if your child is very active in sports.

Columbus OH Drug Rehab for Teens

At Legacy Freedom, we have the best outpatient treatment programs that have been proven to help teens with their substance abuse problems. We specialize in holistic therapy programs so your child will be at home with you, safe and sound. Call us today and let our facility for Columbus OH drug rehab help your child regain their sobriety again and live a healthier, fulfilling lifestyle.

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