Drug Rehab Raleigh NC | Binge Drinking Causes Injuries

Drug Rehab Raleigh NC binge drinking

Drug Rehab Raleigh NC | Binge Drinkers More Likely to Suffer Injury

In a twist of events, recent research shows that chronic, heavy drinkers are not the ones that have the highest risk of alcohol-related injuries. Surprisingly, it is the moderate drinkers who sometimes binge heavily that are more likely to suffer injuries, especially while they are out drinking.

The study was performed by the Alcohol Treatment Center at the Lausanne University Hospital and the Swiss Institute for the Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Problems. Lead researcher, Gerhard Gmel, said "It's not only the amount of alcohol consumed that shapes the risk for injury, but also the usual consumption pattern." He continued by saying "At highest risk are those who usually consume moderately but sometimes binge drink. This is true for both sexes."

The study consisted of screening 8,736 emergency department patients who had been admitted to the hospital's surgical ward. They looked at patients spanning an 18-month period. They were looking for an interaction among three aspects of drinking behavior. These consisted of the average weekly consumption of alcohol, binge-drinking episodes and the amount of alcohol consumed before they were admitted to the hospital. These determined what the risk of injury was.

The study found that the risk of injury increased for all types of drinkers. The higher the alcohol consumption, in the 24 hours leading up to the hospital admission, the greater the risk of injury among moderate drinkers who occasionally drank heavily. During heavy drinking episodes, moderate-drinking women were more than seven times as likely to be injured than women who never drank. The risk of injury was more than six times greater for moderate-drinking men who sometimes binged than non-drinking males.

Linda Degutis is an associate professor of surgery and public health at Yale University. She stated that "This study confirms what a lot of us think happens with risky drinking behavior."

Drug Rehab Raleigh NC Tips | Binge Drinking Puts You At Risk

In the United States, about 20 percent of adults are considered to be harmful drinkers. Professor Degutis says that "These are people who are not physically dependent on alcohol, but they binge drink or have health or social consequences because of their drinking."

Rapid Consumption Is the Problem

Gmel states "There are many effective preventive measures, including strict enforcement of drinking driving policies and responsible beverage serving," in order to reduce injuries. He concluded "The most effective strategy would be a combined effort at the individual and societal levels. This would include targeting happy hours and other environments that encourage rapid consumption of large quantities of alcohol and changing social norms of what is acceptable drinking behavior." This would be beneficial because the bulk of the injuries occur with the moderate drinkers that often binge.

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