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North Carolina is home to many Drug and alcohol abuse programs because of its tranquil scenery and friendly atmosphere.  There is always something to do from hiking to biking to camping.  It is important to not to just pick a drug rehab of a list because of its locality.  When finding a drug rehab rehab photo4in North Carolina it is important to find out what it offers to not only you but your affected family.  You see, during your addiction you have not only been harming yourself but those around you.  It is important that the drug rehab you attend offers programming for your loved ones as well, so they are allotted support to help them heal as well.

Located in charming Charlotte, North Carolina is Legacy Freedom Rehabilitation Center.  Legacy freedom offers an intensive outpatient program that allows you to attend drug rehab and still take care of your responsibilities at home while bettering yourself.  Legacy Freedom also takes advantage of its beautiful surroundings and incorporates them into its treatment plan.  Utilizing a holistic treatment approach, legacy freedom uses non invasive new age therapies to heal.

Legacy Freedom takes advantage of being a drug rehab in North Carolina by using adventure therapy to build trust between you and other patients.  This type of therapy also helps to build self esteem, personal strength and overcome fears.  Other perks of being a drug rehab in North Carolina, are Equine therapy, which allows you to spend time with horses for therapy.  You will also get to take place in a ropes course which is located just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.  Legacy Freedom is one of a kind with its new age approach to drug treatment.  You won’t find any other drug rehab in North Carolina like it. 

If you or someone you know is struggling contact Legacy Freedom for more information on what we offer 877-254-5536

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