Dealing With Anxiety and Depression During Recovery

Drug Rehab in Charlotte: Treating Anxiety and Depression During Recovery

When beginning the long journey to substance abuse recovery one must recognize that anxiety and depression is a big part of the overall road. Our drug rehab in Charlotte knows well that those who choose to become drug or alcohol-free tend to become anxious at a moment’s notice or deal with bouts of depression for seemingly no reason at all. Often, those that end up addicted to drugs or alcohol tend to have an issue with anxiety and depression throughout their addiction. The use of drugs and alcohol begins to be a form of a mood disorder, anxiety or depression that develops during the course of addiction.

In order to fully recover from an addiction, the addict must learn to address anxiety and depression without the use of drugs or alcohol. While this can be quite difficult in the beginning, it does get easier, as long as you learn to deal with the issues the right way.

Anxiety and Depression | Drug Rehab in Charlotte

Below, you’ll find a few methods that help anxiety and depression in non-substance abuse ways.

Practice living in the moment and mindfulness. Worrying what might happen in the future is one of the worst things a recovering addict can do. It’s important to live in the here and now and deal with the addiction presently, and never worry about what might happen later on. Every day living must become more tolerable without drugs or alcohol. That can’t happen if you’re worrying about the future.

Living in the moment is a powerful tool that will help you not only stick with recovery, but help with emotional distress, as well. Using other tools like meditation or deep breathing can help assist in anxious moments or times of depression issues. These can also help retreat back from thoughts of worrying about the future.

For more help with dealing with anxiety and depression in the right ways during recovery, be sure to visit back with our drug rehab in Charlotte soon. Also be sure to contact us if you or someone you know is dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction and would like to begin taking the path to substance abuse recovery.

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