Drug Rehab in Charlotte NC – Why Choose Us?

We offer comprehensive and individualized drug rehabilitation programs. Our holistic approach includes adventure therapy, psychotherapy, process groups, gender specific groups, marriage and relationship counseling, life purpose coaching, medication therapy, inner child work, fire walking, yoga, Tai Chi, massage therapy, equine therapy, ropes courses, sound therapy, physical training, nutritional counseling.

What Makes Us Different from other options for drug rehab in Charlotte NC?

  • 1-to-1 Staff to Client Ratio
  • Alternative Therapies
  • Individualized Abuse, Rehab and Substance Abuse Treatment Plans
  • Effective Outpatient Treatment Programs
  • Out of the Box Treatment Approaches
  • Accredited Treatment

Drug Rehab in Charlotte NC just got a whole lot better!

When we designed Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers' addiction recovery programs, we put special emphasis on making sure that our drug addiction programs were different than the typical program for drug rehab in Charlotte. Statistics show that most programs have very low success rates. It's because one size does not fit all. We custom build your substance abuse treatment program so that it works for your unique and individualized needs. No two babies are born in exactly the same way. So why would any two people recovery from addiction because of the exact same reasons. Life's too complex not to pay particular attention to exactly what drives the addiction in you. Don't be frustrated with past experiences. Decide you want to recover and look to us to guide you down that path.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Charlotte NC

We believe in providing a different, lasting and positive experience for people that suffer from drug addiction. We help you redefine your priorities and build upon solid decisions. Rome wasn't built in a day - nor will your recovery be. Our primary purpose is to help our clients find something in their lives to be passionate about so that they will not rely on drugs and alcohol as a means of coping. By first treating the underlying causes and conditions, we know we can help our clients tap into what really inspires them.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, please contact Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers.help

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