Drug Rehab in Charlotte Might Be the Only Answer

If you or a loved one are suffering from a personality disorder because of an addiction, drug rehab in Charlotte might be the only answer.

Drug addiction changes people.  The addiction creates what is called a “drug personality."  It is artificial and is created by drugs. This artificial personality is caused by their compulsion to avoid pain at all cost.  They are willing to lie and steal from the ones they love to get their next fix.

Though they willingly steal and lie, addicts have an unbelievable amount of guilt. They are not proud of what they've done. Their solution to alleviate their guilt is more drugs and alcohol, which drives them to more harmful acts.  They are now trapped in a vicious cycle.

According to drugaddict.com, "You ask yourself:  'How could you have raised a criminal, an addict and a liar?'  The answer is that you did not.  Drugs raised that deceiving stranger.  But your loved one is still in there, despite the years of drug and alcohol abuse.  His good basic personality still remains.  It has just been overwhelmed by addiction."

They are in desperate need of a solution that resolves ALL the factors that cause addiction.  Drug rehab in Charlotte represents the best hope for the addict. It is a program geared to help you or someone you love out of the vicious cycle they're in. Below, you'll find a list of things that an addict will undergo while in drug abuse treatment in Charlotte.

  • A full detoxification.
  • Building the life skills needed to deal with life ethically and flourish.
  • Unburden them of their guilt.
  • Regain their own self respect.

Overcoming a drug addiction is more than staging an intervention and admitting there is a problem. The addict needs help from a substance abuse center. It's the only way to fully heal from the problem. If you'd like more information about our program, be sure to contact us, anytime. We are available to talk with you and help you and your loved one through this trying time.

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