Why do drugs to begin with?

Why do people do drugs?

People choose to do drugs for all types of reasons. Because of these dozens of reasons, any substance use could lead to abuse or dependency. Some addicts are biologically predisposed to substance abuse and dependency. It should be noted, that according to the DSM-IV, both substance abuse and substance dependency are diagnosable and treatable. Drug Rehab Columbus OH Services Lots of people that are predisposed to addiction tendencies live their lives avoiding substance abuse with a simple personal choice, while others avoid abuse out of necessity.

The reasons people may turn to substance use might include changes to their environment, loss of social support and moving down in socioeconomic status. When these situations occur, drugs and alcohol can seem like an easy coping mechanism.

Other reasons might be a change in a person's cognitive function - or how a person's brain works. A person with an impulsive personality will make riskier decisions. These types of personality traits have a positive correlation with substance use. When you start to understand the reasons why people use, it makes it possible to help those who are struggling to identify dangerous situations and teach them how to avoid them all together.

Using the Biopsychosocial Model

"The Biopsychosocial Perspective is a medical model that attempts to demonstrate links between multiple body systems and human environment that create risks for illness. For instance, in recent decades many links have been made between smoking, smog and chemicals and risk of contracting various kinds of cancers." Using this model, some people are susceptible to substance abuse and dependency because of biological, psychological and social factors.

The biological part means that your brain responds to drug use in a unique way causing different effects to your body. These factors also play a role in physical addiction.

Psychological factors are a combo of biological tendencies, like those mentioned above, and how you deal with things and process situations. Most addicts see the benefits of substance use as better, overall, than the potential costs of getting high. Because of this, using substances to cope with stress, or because of a poor cost-benefit analysis are common.

Finally, social factors are how a person's environment, and the pressures associated within that space, can lead to abuse and dependence. These social components include the stability of your family life, your social support structure (friends), your personal status, and other factors.

So, all-in-all people use for various reasons ranging from inborn characteristics, to where they live, to the types of friends they keep. If you or someone you know isĀ struggling with addiction, our drug rehab Columbus OH facility can help you get your life back on track. We want you to enjoy life again. Get your family back and call us today!

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