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Men Abused By Their Dad Fight In Bars More | Drug Rehab Columbus News

Both aggression and assault can be linked to alcohol consumption, especially when alcohol is consumed in heavy amounts and at a fast pace. Bar fights are sometimes the result of this association. With young men tussling after consuming too many cocktails, this is particularly true.

Many people consider bar fights to be a rite of passage for young men. You'll often see these results at events where lots of young people gather and too much alcohol has been consumed - a college tailgate is a great example with football season right around the corner. However, a recent study shows how a young man’s history with his father can be a determining factor in whether bar fights are a part of his personality.

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This recent study finds that the dynamic of the father-son relationship plays a significant role in how a young man handles himself when drinking heavily.

Peter G. Miller, associate professor of psychology at Deakin University, Geelong Waterfront Campus and corresponding author for the study, explains that when alcohol is consumed, people tend to deal with aggression with difficulty. These people struggle with making good decisions which leads to handling social situations poorly.

The actions of these men are not simply boys being boys. These behaviors reflect a desire to gain power by appearing masculine, especially when challenged by other males. The study included 137 participants. These were all Deakin University students between 18 and 25 years old. The study used an online questionnaire for recruitment. Questions about their father-child relationship, in addition to questions about drinking behaviors, were included. These questions aimed to understand if the quality of the father-son relationship could predict the likelihood of violence when associated with a heavy drinking episode.

Associate Professor Miller said “we found that young men who had abusive fathers were more likely to be involved in alcohol fueled violence and that consuming five or more drinks when at bars or clubs increased the likelihood of barroom brawls.”

The authors of the study believe that these findings may be very helpful in clinical settings. These results should help in treating those who drink heavily and have a history of being abused by their father. By identifying those patients with negative fathering experiences, clinicians can better help them avoid aggressive alcohol-related situations.

By publicizing this information to the general population, it should help fathers understand the impact that their style of parenting can have on their children as they grow into adults. These findings may also help family members understand some of the unreasonable behavior of a loved one who spins out of control when alcohol is being consumed.

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