Tips to Help Steer Clear of Drug Addiction Triggers

Drug Rehab Charlotte: Tips to Help Stay Away From Triggers.

Welcome back. In our last drug rehab Charlotte post we began discussing drug addiction triggers and how to avoid putting yourself in a position to allow triggers to get you off the path to drug recovery. Today’s post will offer more tips that will hopefully help you or someone you know continue their road to recovery without the stresses of triggers.

Drug Rehab Charlotte | Drug Addiction Triggers

According to, there are several ways to deal with drug addiction triggers:

Practice your trigger plan.

Role play, even just with yourself in the mirror, what you will do when you feel like using again. You may save yourself from a rough day, a temporary lapse, or a full relapse back to substance abuse.

Take care of yourself.

You can handle triggers more easily when you are eating and sleeping well, exercising, and remaining aware of your emotions. You are probably familiar with H.A.L.T.:

  • Hungry
  • Angry
  • Lonely
  • Tired

These four things are said to cause more lapses and relapses. When you are taking care of yourself you can identify when you feel any of the four, and that is when you can take action. Taking action, but not reacting, puts you back into the driver’s seat. The trigger may be emotionally affecting you, but you will not act on it. If you are hungry, you will eat. Tired? Take a nap or at least rest your eyes or meditate. Lonely and angry can be a little harder to manage, but phone a friend (or your sponsor) and talk it out.

Do not test yourself.

If you know that walking by a bar is a definite trigger for you, for example, then do not knowingly walk by a bar to see if your recovery is as strong as you believe it to be. Maybe that time you are able to avoid going into the bar, but the seed of a trigger is planted. Something else you have not identified yet as a trigger can occur, and the combination can lead you right to a drink.

There is no need to test yourself. When you identify your current triggers, are aware of what you are working with, practice a plan, and employ good self-care, you are managing your triggers during recovery from addiction.

Substance abuse treatment and recovery should be taken seriously. It’s one of the hardest things an addict will ever do. Becoming drug free isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. To ensure that you get the care and support you need during your road to recovery, consider contacting Legacy Freedom. Our drug rehab in Charlotte offers excellent care for addicts. Our therapy programs and substance abuse treatments are available for anyone willing and ready to make a change in their life.

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