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Drug Rehab in Charlotte NC: Other Approaches for Recovery

When entering a drug rehab in Charlotte,NC for a substance abuse problem, there might be many different options the center offers to you, in the way of treatment. Many of the healing approaches are holistic and therapy based, depending on the type of care you need. A few of the methods used are described below. These methods are just starting to become popular and are currently used in a few substance abuse treatment centers around the country. They are being studied in scientific clinical trials, and have shown positive results. Some studies of brain wave biofeedback and meditation, a method we talked about in our previous post, have already shown dramatically improved success rates.

  • Biofeedback - Biofeedback uses instruments to provide information back to patients on their internal bodily processes so they can then learn to change those processes. This can include reducing muscular tension, heart and respiratory rate, and blood pressure, for example. Biofeedback has been found effective in several aspects of addiction treatment such as stress reduction and anxiety sensitivity, a fear of arousal-related bodily sensations that are interpreted as signs of impending catastrophe. Anxiety sensitivity is thought to increase drug withdrawal severity and to lower tolerance for withdrawal symptoms. People practicing biofeedback often say they gain psychological confidence when they learn they can control their physiology.
  • Brain Wave Biofeedback (neurofeedback) - In this type of biofeedback patients learn to alter their brain wave patterns. In one type of neurofeedback, the training involves restoring a normal pattern of alpha and theta waves which are disturbed by long term substance abuse. Brainwave biofeedback has shown dramatic success in several studies to prevent relapses from drug and alcohol addiction.

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Drug addiction is something that you shouldn't have to deal with alone. If you're ready to begin your path to recovery, consider contacting Legacy Freedom, drug rehab in Charlotte NC. We are here to help you find your recovery through various rehabilitation treatment programs, holistic approaches, and more. Contact us for more information or to speak with a counselor.

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