Drug Rehab Charlotte NC: Drug Addicts Need Intervention to Help Gain Control.

According to, "Intervention is the act of stepping in to alter the outcome of some action. When someone you know is suffering from an out of control addiction, usually the foremost thing on your mind is how to get them into drug treatment, as quickly as possible.  You can see their life falling apart before your eyes.  Why can’t they see it too?  Why are they so stubborn and even secretive?" Below, our drug rehab in Charlotte NC offers  a few things that can help you speed up the process of helping out a loved one in need.

  • Stop enabling.  Say no when they need money, never let them borrow your car, or whatever it is that they need or want.   Giving in to their needs and wants prolongs the addiction. It only delays them from getting the help that they really need.
  • Have an interventionist help. It might take a lot of time and effort to get an addict to become receptive to treatment.  Having professional help can improve the effectiveness of an intervention.
  • Research all intervention options. Sometimes families can't afford the fees for a professional to come in and help. When this is the case,  start researching TV shows, look for videos on youtube and put together your own intervention.  Assign roles, elect a leader, and be sure that each person involved has strict instructions on how to handle the situations that may arise. Make sure the intervention is controlled. Only one person should talk at a time. It's a good idea to assign times and speeches. Talking all at once, in random order might scare the addict into leaving.  Make an outline and stick with it. Rehearse the intervention before putting it into action.

If someone you know is battling an addiction, feel free to contact our rehab center. Our professionals are available to talk with you about the process of being admitted and offer additional information about intervention.

For more tips from our drug rehab in Charlotte NC, on getting your loved one to admit they have a problem and need rehabilitation, visit back with us on our next post.

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