Dealing With Insomnia Holistically

Drug Rehab Charlotte NC: Holistic Remedies for Insomnia

Welcome back. In our last post, our drug rehab in Charlotte NC began offering holistic approaches that help with sleeping disorders and insomnia. While many recovering addicts suffer from insomnia, it’s no secret that a great deal of others often suffer from it as well. That’s why using the natural remedies below is important. Recovering addicts understand that drugs do not solve problems, and we hope to spread the message to those that aren’t as aware of holistic remedies.

Drug Rehab Charlotte NC | Sugar and Caffeine

It’s important to stop eating large amounts of sugar and using considerable quantities of caffeine. These alone can keep people awake. According to, “Caffeine is an addictive stimulant. If you are addicted to coffee, energy drinks, etc. try tapering it off slowly if not entirely. Abstain in the evening. Processed sugar gives people fatigue-inducing highs and lows in addition to being just plain bad for you. To curb your sweet tooth, stock your kitchen with fresh fruit. Other suggestions: almond butter on apple slices or toast, using honey or stevia instead of sugar, and making smoothies from fruits, vegetables, and super-foods.”


Many sleep problems and even mental problems are the result of little to no exercise. Not exercising can cause high cholesterol, weight gain, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and other ailments. Included in the long list is insomnia. Just exercising lightly for 15 minutes a day can really help out.

Take a Walk

The simple action of taking a walk can work wonders for the mind and body. As recovering addicts are often advised, taking a walk not only helps you exercise but it also works as a mentally therapeutic action. Taking a quick walk down the street or in a park can be very beneficial for helping insomnia.

For more ways to holistically deal with insomnia, be sure to visit back with our drug rehab in Charlotte NC on our next blog post. Also, if you or someone you know is suffering from a drug addiction and needs help with recovery, be sure to contact Legacy Freedom. We are here to help.

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