Realizing Where You Went Wrong With Relapse

Drug Rehab Charlotte NC: Relapse is a serious part of drug recovery that can happen to anyone.

Our drug rehab in Charlotte NC has been focusing on relapse, a serious part of drug recovery that can happen at any moment during the long road a recovering addict has. Relapse is something that can happen, no matter how dedicated you might be to recovering. Triggers are all around, in every daily life activity. Thankfully, there are seven steps that will help you recover from relapse. In our last post we went over recommitment.

Drug Rehab Charlotte NC | Realize Where You Went Wrong

According to, “The wonderful thing about making mistakes is that you can learn from them. Human beings are learning machines, and failure is often our greatest teacher. If you know what caused you to relapse on drink or drugs, you’ll know what needs addressing to make your recovery stronger. There will always be a reason that your addiction reared its head again. Make a flow chart of how your relapse happened, identifying all the events leading up to it. Look at how your emotions and behaviors may have led to picking up a drink or drugs again.”

Many times, it seems that an outside event causes stress and difficulty that could result in relapse. In reality, the event itself is never the true cause of a relapse. Reactions to a particularly stressful or difficult event is what actually causes a relapse. Negative thinking and unhelpful coping never helps stress and can really cause a relapse that you never thought would happen.

Our next post will focus on redoubling your effort during a relapse recovery. Recovery from substance abuse is a difficult road to take, even years into the recovery. It is something that requires work and effort for the rest of your life. If you’re considering a clean and sober life, but need help pushing you along in the right direction, be sure to contact our drug rehab in Charlotte NC. Our councilors know what it’s like to suffer from substance abuse and also know what it takes to recover from it.

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