Integrating Mind, Body, and Soul During Holistic Recovery

Drug Rehab Charlotte: Holistic Recovery

As our drug rehab in Charlotte stated in a previous post, drug and alcohol addiction is becoming very common in today’s time. As a result, there are numerous rehab options available for those ready to commit to recovery. Individual and group therapies and more are among some of the best treatments out there.

Legacy Freedom works to provide a holistic approach for drug and alcohol treatment, so that during recovery, the addict is able to regain their strength, mentally and physically, as well as get to know themselves again.

Drug Rehab Charlotte | Integrate Mind, Body, and Soul

At this point, you should have started regaining your physical, mental, and emotional strength. To take a look back at our previous posts, visit here and here.

According to, “Be kind to yourself as you start a new life without drugs and alcohol. Take time each day to check in with your mind, your body, and your soul. Listen to each part of your system, and do all that you can to best fulfill those needs.”

Persistent, challenging events will occur throughout the course of an individual’s life, with or without substance abuse issues. It’s a part of life that we can’t avoid. We can, however, meet these challenges, head-on, to do whatever it takes to get through the events and move on.

One of the most challenging parts of an addiction, as well as recovery, is admitting to your loved ones that you have, or had, a serious problem. Revealing your addiction can create feelings of shame or embarrassment for yourself, while also prompting a sense of fear or anger in your loved ones.

Though admitting to your loved ones that you have substance abuse issues can be challenging, it’s imperative that you share your problem with them. In order to begin and complete the recovery process in a healthy matter, you must be up-front and honest with yourself, and your loved ones.

In our next post, we offer ways to help you explain your addiction to loved ones in a way that will help you and them accept the problem and move forward in a positive way.

At Legacy Freedom, drug rehab in Charlotte, our addiction specialists and counselors are available to help any individual that is ready to fight drug addiction. We offer many different rehabilitation and treatment options. If you or someone you know is looking for help with a drug problem, please feel free to contact Legacy Freedom. Living a drug-free life is possible with help from drug rehab in Charlotte, Legacy Freedom.

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