Document Your Drug Recovery Story

Substance abuse recovery is a long, hard, rewarding road. It’s sometimes difficult to stick to, as well. In our past few posts, Legacy Freedom drug rehab in Charlotte, has offered a few suggested distractions that can help keep you on the task at hand; becoming drug free in 2014.

Drug Rehab Charlotte: Document Your Story

In addition to providing a much needed distraction, we’ve found that some of these can become a way of life. They offer new habits, hobbies, and help establish new routines and schedules. A short recap of the last few posts include:

  • Finding Inspiration in a Book
  • Sharing Your Inspiration
  • Running
  • Saying Thank You
  • Finding a New Hobby or Passion

Today, we will continue with a final distraction that is very important, not only in drug recovery but life in general. It’s a great routine everyone can establish and enjoy for years to come.

Drug Rehab Charlotte | Write in a Journal

One of the greatest teachers in life can be a personal journal. The act of documenting experiences, thoughts, and self-reflection can be extremely rewarding. In addition, jotting down frustrations, sad times, and other negative experiences can help you stay sober, as well.

Take time to write in your journal every day, even if it’s only for 10 minutes at a time. Jot down a few lines from a book that inspired you. Write a bit about the day you’re having and how it has affected you. Even just a few sentences can help you stay focused on the task at hand; drug recovery. Your journal becomes your story. It’s a document of your road to recovery. Cherish it and keep it up-to-date.

A journal is priceless. It’s something that you can look back on and remember highlights of life, struggles and achievements. Journals can be encouraging, showing how far you’ve come. You can learn from your journal and possibly share your experiences documented in your journal with others to encourage and inspire them one day!

Drug addiction is a serious issue that our drug and alcohol treatment center in Charlotte NC wants to help you with. If you’re suffering with a chemical dependency and need help recovering, feel free to contact us or take a look at our drug recovery programs. The first step to recovery is admitting that you need help.

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