Drug Overdose and How to Get Help with Substance Abuse

Charlotte Drug and Alcohol and Treatment Centers Can Help With Substance Abuse

In our last post, our Charlotte Drug and Alcohol and Treatment Centers talked about how important it is to know the facts about drug abuse. Drugs are a dangerous thing to become addicted to. To read more about the harm they can cause, visit our post here.

Today, we are going to talk about drug overdose. Sometimes, when an individual has ingested more drugs than their body can handle, it goes into a different state known as an overdose.  We are also going to talk a bit about getting sober and quitting drug use.

Charlotte Drug and Alcohol and Treatment Centers | Signs and symptoms of a drug overdose include:

  • Abnormal pulse
  • Breathing problems
  • Change in skin color
  • Fever or sweating
  • Losing consciousness

If you’re with someone you believe has overdosed on drugs, it’s important to contact life-saving medical attention ASAP. Even if you’re unsure of the situation, get help. It’s better to be safe than sorry in situations where an overdose may have occurred.

Deciding to stop using drugs can be an extremely difficult decision to make. Drugs not only cause problems for a person, but the urge to abuse substances becomes a normal way of life. It’s often hard to overcome the desire to want to abuse drugs.

There are several methods that can help you get clean. In a few previous posts, we talked about intervention and what it was.  Family and friends of an addict have a lot of influence, when put in the situation of an intervention. To take a look back at these posts, visit here and here.

The decision to seek out a sober life might be the most important step in the drug recovery process. Addiction is a prevalent condition among Americans. Those seeking help can always find a variety of various treatments. These substance abuse treatment options are designed to help walk a person through the steps to sobriety, which can make the transition easier.

To take a further look at the treatments available and discuss why these treatments might be the best option for you, visit back with us in our next post. We will talk about outpatient programs, inpatient rehab, and other ways a Charlotte rehab center can help you achieve a drug-free lifestyle as easily as possible.

For more inform about Legacy Freedom, feel free to contact us or visit our treatment programs page.

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