Is Drug Dealing an Addiction Too?

Drug Rehabilitation in Raleigh NCMany people overlook the dangers of the lifestyle that comes along with drug addiction. The focus is usually on the dependence on a drug. However, the habits and the lifestyle that go along with the substance abuse can be a powerful addiction as well. For addicts who have made the transition into dealing drugs to support their own habits the party all night, cash-fueled lifestyle can become its own addiction. Some addicts find it easier to give up their drug of choice than to walk away from the lifestyle of a drug dealer. The power, the influence, and the danger associated with this life often pull those who were sober back into using and selling drugs. If your loved one needs holistic alcohol or drug rehabilitation in Raleigh NC, be sure to call Legacy Freedom for help today!

Often those who find themselves addicted to the lifestyle of selling drugs aren't drug addicts at all. New research has found that the effects on our brains from certain activities are the same as from some drugs. Behavioral addictions have been added to the American Psychiatric Association's diagnostic manual. The listed addictions include things like gambling and internet addiction. Former drug dealers believe that selling drugs should be under consideration for addition to the category as well.

The life of a drug dealer has been made to look glamorous in Hollywood films and rap videos. The lifestyle is not all freedom, endless cash, and sipping expensive liquor. While the positives may outweigh the negatives for awhile, the reality of being a drug dealer will eventually hit home.

  • Threats to you or family. Inevitably you will owe money to someone, or you will be dealing with a buyer who has nothing to lose and everything to gain from robbing you of your cash and drugs. These dangers are all too real in the world of a drug dealer. Those who you buy from are less likely to be patient as you work out financial difficulties and may make threats against your loved ones or cause you physical harm in retaliation for not having their money.
  • Arrest and jail time. Using and selling drugs force dealers into predicaments where they need cash quickly to keep their suppliers happy. As a result, they may commit additional crimes in order to maintain the cash flow coming in. Theft, fraud, breaking and entering and other felonies rack up quickly when it comes to getting the money needed to make sure the supply of drugs doesn't stop. Additional charges for possession, DUI, trafficking, and felony evasion can pile up as well.
  • Growing addiction. Having a seemingly unending supply of your drug of choice is one of the many reasons that most addicts turn to dealing to support their habit. The more access users have to drugs the bigger their addiction gets. Many users experience their first overdose when they make the transition to a dealer.

The allure of making more money in a week than you could in a month is hard to beat, but the dangers that come with dealing drugs are very real. Many addicts become dealers with the intent of selling just a little here and there to further their cash flow. They maintain their regular job and keeping up the facade that everything is normal. Once the money begins to roll in from their occasional drug deals, addicts are often unable to say no to selling more regularly. This is often the time when they leave their jobs, and their addiction begins to deepen.

Becoming addicted to the lifestyle happens quickly. Breaking the addiction to the substance is easier than breaking the habits and routines that are associated with the drug dealing lifestyle. If you or someone you love have been drawn into the world of substance abuse and drug dealing, Legacy Freedom of Raleigh can help. We understand that battling addiction and transitioning away from the life of a dealer is difficult. The challenges you face are different.

Holistic Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation in Raleigh NC For Fall 2017

Understanding why you use and what motivates your addiction is crucial to overcoming your addiction. Whether you use to help you cope with a painful childhood, trauma, low self-esteem, or an undiagnosed mental illness, treatment for your addiction is just a phone call or click away. At Legacy Freedom, we believe in treating the whole person, not just your addiction. Utilizing a holistic approach to drug rehabilitation in Raleigh NC, in conjunction with suboxone treatment for opioid addictions helps put the focus of care where it needs to be - on you.

Every client is assigned a Life-Purpose coach to help you identify your treatment goals, rekindle your passions and help you create a plan of care. Through traditional talk therapy in both one-on-one and group settings, you will get to the core of your addiction. Forming new ways to cope with the issues that drive your need to use and setting healthy boundaries to protect your new sobriety are crucial to your recovery process. Connecting with your peers in group therapy helps you identify with and appreciate the struggles that others are going through in their own process. Forming bonds in group therapy helps ensure that you have support when you are away from our outpatient facility.

Healing your body is as important as healing your mind. Together with our staff dietician and physical therapist you will learn to nourish your body through proper diet and improve yourself through regular exercise. Alternative therapies like tai chi, equine assisted therapy, and meditation help you form routines and explore new passions as part of the healing process. Your addiction has taken its toll on many aspects of your life. Legacy Freedom empowers you to embrace your passions and focus on creating a new, sober, purpose-driven life.

Are you ready to leave the lifestyle behind and reignite your passions and repair your relationships? Call or click to connect with Legacy Freedom and begin your healing journey today.



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