Do Drug Cravings Continue After You Die?

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Asheville NCDo you or someone you love have a serious addiction to a drug like heroin? Does it feel like recovering from substance abuse is so far away that it cannot possibly be obtained? If so, you’re not alone. New research has been done that shows evidence of just how strong cravings for drugs can be and why. When putting these things into perspective, using the following information, we better understand why substance abuse has such a hold on individuals. Below, you’ll find more on this startling new revelation about the effects of drugs on our brains and just how strong cravings can be. If you're searching for a reliable drug and alcohol treatment center in Asheville NC, call Legacy Freedom.

It's no secret that substance abuse can take over our lives and create an entire world based on when our next fix is coming. Cravings from addiction are all consuming. They never let up until drug rehab intervenes. Those who deal with substance abuse on a daily basis rarely ever think about what life would be like without drugs. They are unable to think about anything else.

Those who are not addicted to drugs rarely have the ability to understand what substance abusers go through when it comes to cravings. Cravings are only understandable when addiction is front and center.

When individuals are addicted to drugs, they are constantly using. That means there is a continual supply of drugs to the body. Tolerance has built up and more drugs are used overtime. This increases cravings and addiction, overall.

Research shows that when someone abuses drugs to the point of addiction the chemicals turn into a protein that transmits stimuli to the cells. This protein is called FosB in those that do not use drugs. However, continued drug use causes the stimulation to increase. In that situation, FosB turns into DeltaFosB.  The mutated protein causes differences in the brain. The structure of growth factors actually change within the brain, as well.

When this happens, drugs like heroin cause your body and brain to believe that you cannot live without using. DeltaFosB lingers in the body far longer than many scientists ever believed. Oftentimes, memories of the addiction and what it felt like to use drugs can last months or years, depending on the individual and the drugs they chronically used. This is why cravings and the need to use is so strong for quite some time, even during rehab.

The protein, FosB, transmits genetic information between cells. It also determines whether or not gene activation occurs. The genes that are affected by this protein are those that determine expression in response to a range of things like bacterial infections, stress and more. As they're turned into DeltaFosB due to drug use, you become incapable of regulating emotions, fighting bacteria and generally unhealthy.

In research done by Medical University of Vienna's Department of Forensic Medicine 15 deceased heroin addicts were studied. At that time, it was determined that drug cravings continue after you die. While this might come as a shock, it shouldn't. Part of understanding drug cravings and addition is knowing how strong they are. They're able to last for many days when someone is alive. Why wouldn't they linger upon death?

To take a look at this in a simple way, consider the protein that is modified. It gets a boost when drugs are used. This boost keeps addiction and cravings going because it is stored in a memory function. This is why the cravings continue to be an issue. The feelings, emotions and overall experience of using drugs is stored in the brain. Addicts remember and feel the effects of drugs long after they've been used. To put all of this into perspective, researchers have called this overall effect dependent memory. Once FosB is turned into DeltaFosB it can be detected up to nine days after death.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Asheville NCCan you imagine now how strong drug cravings are if your brain continues to crave them after death? This information is extremely important when it comes to drug rehabilitation. It tells us that even after physical withdrawal, the brain can continue to remember what it's like to use drugs, therefore causing cravings.

Thankfully, this information will help when it comes to successful drug rehab and rehabilitation. We can use the research to not only come up with the long-term care plan, but also follow up treatment as well. Understanding that the brain can create cravings for months after a drug is used, we can help with the overall aftercare and support system most rehabs now offer.

As a addict, it’s important to surround yourself with people you can trust. Be aware of those that support you and those that will do anything they can to help you get the treatment you need. Drug rehab, drug recovery groups, substance abuse treatment counselors and drug counselors are often the only people who really understand what you are going through.

This new research on how drugs effect us after we die can be very beneficial for understanding how the onset of addiction can be treated. The university is going to continue their project and hopefully find a solution to prevent the mutation of FosB so that DeltaFosB and memory cravings will no longer be a problem.

Even with the support of other recovering addicts and therapy groups, the triggers are still there. You will most likely encounter triggers in the form of events, people, and subsequent emotions that will make you want to use drugs again.

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If you, or someone you know, happen to be dealing with this situation alone and might need help coping, please feel free to contact Legacy Freedom of Asheville. We work with each and every person to develop healthy habits that will keep them off of drugs or alcohol. Addiction is different in every individual. That's why we offer personalized care. It's important to use techniques and treatment that works best for each person. If you have questions, contact us today. We are here to help.

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