Drug Busts and News for Columbus OH

Drug Rehabilitation in Columbus OHWatching the nightly news shows that Ohio has more than its share of drug busts and substance abuse related news. Here is a roundup of the latest. For the most effective alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Columbus OH, reach out to Legacy Freedom for help!

In recent news an attempt to send more than three pounds of the drug fentanyl to Texas was thwarted by federal drug agents here in Ohio. The Toledo Bulk Cash Smuggling Task Force says the package containing fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, was caught and confiscated by authorities. Fentanyl is 30 to 50 times stronger than pure heroin.

As a result search warrants were obtained and executed at a Red Roof Inn where the suspects were arrested and charged. During the search of the suspected drug traffickers' room a pound of the drug and $8,000.00 cash were found. Charged in this drug bust were Anthony Robinson 32, Darrius Lewis 29, and Barbera Wilson 30. According to Northern District of Ohio U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman "this was enough fentanyl to kill everyone in the Toledo area several times over."

In Mansfield, Ohio, LaDonna Hughett, 54, was arrested for "making lewd comments to an Easter Bunny." This incident occurred at a carousel park. Ms. Hughett was having her picture taken with the Easter Bunny before riding the carousel. According to witnesses she was intoxicated at the time of the incident. Her speech was slurred and alcohol was smelled on her. She was also unsteady on her feet. Ms. Hughett was arrested and placed in the Richland County Jail. Reports say the Easter Bunny had no comment on if she would get an Easter basket on Easter! If you are searching for quality alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Columbus OH, call Legacy Freedom.

A State Trooper in Columbus Ohio was fired recently. The State Highway Patrol has confirmed that Trooper Jason Delcol, 43, is one of six charged in a drug trafficking scheme. These charges come out of Delaware County. The charges he is facing include "distributing controlled substances, distributing human growth hormone, and witness tampering," according to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Columbus.

Others charged also include:

Stevedore Crawford, 55, of Columbus Ohio

Benjamin Owings, 37, of Delaware

William Covrett, 41, address not known

Nicholas Glassburn, 47, of Delaware

Carlos Carvalho, 42, of Sandusky

WCMH reports that all of the suspects are being charged with possession with intent to distribute and distribution of controlled substances as well as other related charges. Reports obtained show that the illegal drugs include:

  • Marijuana
  • Xanax
  • Percocet
  • Adderall
  • Suboxone
  • HGH
  • Testosterone
  • Cocaine
  • Crack cocaine
  • Oxycodone

Delcol has been labeled the middleman in the drug trafficking ring. He has also been accused of being involved in other criminal cases involving these men. This included giving them alibis, providing confidential information, and ballistic vests. Once the others were arrested Mr. Delcol was fired from his position in less than 3 hours. Delcol joined the highway patrol in 2001. His job performance reviews were good until 2012. In 2012 it is reported he was fired from his job because of illegal drug use. After Delcol reported these drugs were for his back pain he was reinstated. He then lost his position again in 2014 but an arbitrator found in his favor a second time and he got his job back. Along with Delcol, the U.S. Attorney's office reports that five of the six men are in custody.

In New Albany, Ohio, police received a tip while investigating a drug operation that led them to a northeast Columbus home where a marijuana growing operation was found. Police also uncovered oxycontin and guns.

As a result of this raid 100 marijuana plants were confiscated. Several pounds of dry marijuana were also found as well as a grow operation in the home's basement. Oxycontin and four guns were also recovered in the drug raid. Investigators report that there were no individuals home at the time of the raid. The suspects' names have not been released either. The home was boarded up due to the forced entry officers made to gain entry into the home. Charges are pending.

These cases are just part of the statistics that show Ohio is the second largest state in the country when it comes to deaths from drug overdoses. Opioids are the leading drug involved in these overdose cases. 2016 shows a 24% overdose increase over what was recorded in 2015. Ohio is certainly not alone in this growing trend. The opioid epidemic is growing worse across the entire country. One of the treatment options available to first responders is naloxone or Narcan. These overdose reversal drugs are certainly cutting these numbers as Ohio officials report administering 43,000 doses in 2016.

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