Tips for a Drug and Alcohol Free New Year, continued

drug rehab in AshevilleNeed help finding things to do this New Year's Eve that will keep you sober? We are here to help! There are a ton of great ideas you can use to ensure you have fun and stay away from drugs or alcohol while ringing in the new year.

Before moving on, be sure to take a look back at our previous post for more tips on staying sober over the new year! Do you need drug rehab in Asheville? Contact Legacy Freedom today!

Be Sober Over New Year's

Care for Yourself - You might be stressed from Christmas and worried about how you'll spend New Year's Eve. Don't forget to take care of you throughout the hustle and bustle of the holidays. This could cause you to get burned out and overwhelmed and possibly tempt you to take a drink or drugs to help ease the stress. Always take care of yourself!

Avoid Parties - If you think you won't be able to attend a party with drugs or alcohol without using, avoid them. No one says you have to go out on New Year's Eve. Have a quiet dinner at home, watch a movie or play board games. You'll have just as much fun, or more! You can even have your own sober party, as we stated in our previous blog post. Invite sober friends over and have mocktails and small bites while watching movies or playing board games!

Eat Healthy - Eating bad can cause you to feel bad. This can lead to thoughts of using drugs or alcohol. Not eating enough can do so, as well. Stick with a healthy diet during this holiday and it will make all the difference in your goal to stay sober.

Make a Reward - If you stay sober on New Year's Eve, set yourself a reward. Do you want a new pair of shoes or purse? Would you like to go on a mini-vacation sometime in 2016? Set the reward and watch how easy it will be to stay sober!

Make an Early Resolution - If you're really worried about staying sober this holiday, make your resolution early. If you've recently overcome addiction or plan to do so in the future, make your decision to carry through with it now and stick with it throughout the rest of next year. Make your resolution to start staying sober and vowing to start off the new year without a hangover.

We hope these tips help you spend the evening sober and in good company. Remember, for more tips to help you celebrate the new year without substance abuse, visit back with our previous blog post, soon!

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