Drug Abuse Impairs Moral Judgement

Drug Treatment in Wilmington NCIt is no secret that drugs and alcohol interfere with the user's ability to differentiate between right and wrong. In fact, new research shows that prolonged drug use may have long term effects on the user's brain and their capacity to make good judgment calls long after their addiction has been managed. This new information has put the link between drug use, criminal behavior, and the brain's ability to make moral judgments to the test. As researchers at the University of New Mexico worked in partnership with the Mind Research Network, they discovered that 75% of inmates in the United States penal system had a substance abuse problem. If you're searching for the best alcohol and drug treatment in Wilmington NC, please call Legacy Freedom first.

The study targeted inmates in New Mexico and Wisconsin, utilizing a control group of 131 cocaine and methamphetamine users and 80 non-users. Brain scans were performed on these participants while they were asked to evaluate whether certain phrases were or were not morally wrong. Scientists already know that expressing empathy, identifying when someone else is afraid, or understanding their emotions is difficult for those who have a history of stimulant use. The reason for this is that there are significant abnormalities found in the centers of the brain where moral judgments are made in those who use stimulants.

Moral processing occurs in the limbic regions and frontal lobes of the brain. Non-stimulant users experienced regular activity in these regions, while stimulant users showed less activity in these regions and in the amygdala. The neurons of the amygdala are responsible for regulating and understanding emotions. Users with long-term stimulant use in their history showed significantly less activity in this and other regions of the brain. These findings indicate that methamphetamine and cocaine users have had severe impacts on their brain and its functioning, especially when it comes to making decisions that require them to use moral thinking to do so. If you need help with addiction, call Legacy Freedom and ask about our outpatient alcohol and drug treatment in Wilmington NC.

Stimulants aren't the only drugs that are to blame for an ill effect on a user's ability to make morally sound decisions. While addicts may not intend to hurt others or have an adverse impact on a friend, loved one or acquaintance, their drug or alcohol use often leads them to make decisions they would not normally make. The moral impact of addiction can be seen in:

  • A person's willingness to steal from family members, employers, churches, charities, etc. to fund their addiction.
  • Manipulation tactics used on loved ones to gain money or to coerce them into committing immoral acts with them to feed their addiction.
  • Unethical behaviors while under the influence of substances. This includes prostitution, adultery, driving under the influence, selling drugs, theft, assault and other criminal behaviors.
  • Deceiving others in order to deny, conceal, or protect their addiction.
  • Decisions that are made impulsively.
  • Behaviors motivated by anger towards others that are not based on actual events or facts but on their own perceptions of situations and events.

Friends and loved ones want to believe that an addict obtaining sobriety will automatically fix the immoral behaviors they have been displaying. Unfortunately, that is not the case. However, sobriety is the first step towards living a moral life. At Legacy Freedom of Wilmington, we believe that getting to the root of your addiction will help heal the underlying behaviors as well as break your addiction to alcohol or drugs. Our holistic approach to addiction recovery is unlike anything you have ever tried.

Holistic Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Wilmington NC

Drug Treatment in Wilmington NCLegacy Freedom is not a twelve step program. Our focus during your recovery process is on you and getting to the root of your addiction. Isolating the reason for your addiction helps us address the underlying causes of your issues and teaches you new ways to cope with these co-occurring disorders and help you overcome them. For many of our clients, treating the underlying disorders reduces the urge to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol significantly. Whether you use to cope with a painful childhood, overcome depression, deal with anxiety or any other underlying cause or issue, our highly trained team of therapists will help you learn to overcome these issues without relying on drugs or alcohol.

Your journey to sobriety begins with meeting your Life-Purpose coach at Legacy Freedom. Together you will create a care plan that focuses on your specific treatment needs and goals. Our staff is made up of some of the industry's best therapists and clinicians all focused with one common goal in mind, helping you overcome your addiction. Our staff works with you in a number of different ways to help you break the cycle of addiction and immoral behavior. Through one-on-one talk therapy sessions, your therapist will help you understand where your need to use comes from. Once this is identified, learning to cope and overcome these issues will be the focus. New coping mechanisms rooted in health and moral behaviors will become a priority during your alternative therapy treatments.

We utilize more than ten different alternative Wilmington drug treatment therapies here at Legacy Freedom. Each of these is designed to help you learn to cope in new, healthy, positive ways or to help manage the symptoms and challenges of your recovery process. Together with your Life-Purpose coach you will choose the alternative therapies that are the best fit for your needs and your therapy goals. Your physical health is as important to your recovery as your mental health.  Our staff dietician and physical therapist will help you restore your body through proper diet and exercise, establishing a healthy physical routine to accompany your sober lifestyle.

For many clients, involving their family and loved ones in their recovery process is important. Others like the support of their peers as they navigate their newly discovered sobriety. Legacy Freedom offers many ways for friends, family, and partners to be involved in your alcohol and drug treatment in Wilmington NC. Through support groups, therapy sessions, and individual treatment goals, your loved ones can understand your addiction and how to provide you the support you need as you recover. Group therapy offers a chance for you to connect with your peers and find support outside our outpatient therapy facility.

No matter how many times you have tried to overcome your addiction, when you are finally ready to get help, Legacy Freedom is here. We understand that no two addictions are the same. Our focus is on you and your recovery. Stop letting your addiction control your life and contribute to immoral behaviors that hurt your family, friends, and your standing in the community. Take back control and call or click to connect with Legacy Freedom today.


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