Can Drinking Moonshine Really Make You Go Blind?

Alcohol Rehab Greensboro NCMoonshine is a distilled liquor that has been made for decades here in the U.S. It’s not like most alcohol. Because moonshine never ages the way most liquor does, it not only has a very distinctive taste but is also 150 proof. That means, at least 75 percent of moonshine is alcohol. If you need alcohol rehab Greensboro NC services, call Legacy for assistance.

Moonshine, fondly referred to as “hooch” or corn liquor” by many southerners, was a popular beverage during Prohibition. To this day, it is still illegal. That is unless you can find it at distilleries that make it in a way that doesn’t violate laws and regulations. Those moonshine options aren’t original and are only 100 proof.

Because of the high alcohol content, moonshine has been illegal for reasons that have more to do with taxes and regulations than anything else. Of course, it’ll leave you with a wicked hangover after only a few sips, but there’s nothing seemingly dangerous about it in moderation. Or so many people think.

Unfortunately, real moonshine, the kind that’s made illegally, without regulation, can be very dangerous. It is very high in methanol. Some unregulated, illegal hooch is higher in methanol than others.

Methanol is a by-product of distilling alcohol. Also known as methyl alcohol or wood alcohol, methanol is strong and is not immediately noticeable upon first consumption. However, two to three sips into a jar of 150 proof moonshine and you’ll notice a major difference in how you feel versus how you would feel if you were drinking regulated alcohol. Most legally distilled alcohol has a byproduct of ethanol. This chemical is like methanol, but not nearly as strong.

So, what makes it so dangerous, aside from almost instant intoxication and a nasty hangover? Methanol can affect the optic nerves within the eye. Because some moonshiners make hooch with a little extra methanol for an added kick, the chemical can be very toxic to the body. It metabolizes differently and quickly. Most of the time, within a couple of hours.

Optic nerves are responsible for peripheral vision. When they become damaged, you can only see straight in front of yourself, unless you turn your head to see what’s off to the side.

While this illegal substance can’t take your vision completely away, it can seriously harm it to the point of becoming legally blind in some cases. Without peripheral vision, you aren’t able to properly drive in a safe manner.

In addition to affecting vision, moonshine with added methanol can cause death. Too much methanol will result in the body’s inability to process the chemical.

Because bootlegged moonshine is illegal and unregulated, it’s safe to say that no one is really sure of how dangerous it can be. Only the distiller knows what is in the alcohol and how much extra methanol they may have added. To be on the safe side, keeping vision intact and sudden death at bay, refraining from drinking illegal hooch is recommended.

This information is interesting, but also enlightening. Those that find the novelty of homemade moonshine fun and different might be taking a risk they’re not ready to accept the consequences of. For help with a drinking problem, keep reading to see how Legacy of Greensboro can help.

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