Can a Person Drink in Recovery?

Drinking In Recovery Is A Bad Idea

October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, and at Legacy Freedom, our holistic drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus OH is waiting to help you, or your loved ones, with alcohol and substance abuse. For those battling an addiction issue, sober life might seem boring and uncomfortable. Let's say you've taken the first step and you're seeking help. You're getting treatment, but what now?

Most people in recovery question themselves every day, and sometimes every hour. You might even be trying to talk yourself out of going to meetings because they might not be "fun". Some addicts even believe they have won the war and kicked their habit. "Why not have a few drinks?"

Every single person in recovery will ask themselves if alcohol is off the table for the rest of their lives. Why don't we we take a look at what drinking in recovery might look like, and then see what researchers have to say about it?

Are There Pros To Drinking In Recovery?

These are probably the things an alcoholic would say about having a chance to drink while recovering from substance abuse:

I Want To Be Able To Have Fun – For those that can handle it responsibly, drinking can be fun. Having a night out on the town with your friends and having a couple beers is fun.

I Just Want To Feel Normal – Many young people that are facing sobriety, can often feel alone. When they graduate from a drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus OH, recovering addicts might see drinking as a way to feel somewhat normal.

Let's Celebrate Accomplishments – Alcohol is a staple at most celebrations. Drinking at a joyous occasion is a common and healthy practice if done in a responsible manner.

I Need A Stress Reliever – We know that life can be stressful. Having a lot to deal with is no excuse to turn to alcohol even though lots of Americans come home from work, or school and try to relax by having a couple of glasses of their favorite adult beverage.

Mingle Magic – Every addict gets anxious. Those in recovery can see a social situation as a high anxiety zone. It is commonly perceived that alcohol can make it a lot easier to meet new people so these situations are tough to deal with.

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Are There Any Cons To Drinking While In Recovery?

As you can see, there aren't any pros to drinking in recovery, but what about the cons? When drinking can be a problem, should you avoid it altogether? Some cons of drinking in recovery include:

You Will Alienate Everyone Else in Recovery – In most treatment centers, those that are in recovery make lifelong friends. If you start drinking while in recovery, it will alienate your new friends and those that are just starting their journey into recovery.

Developing Alcohol Dependence Or Addiction – If you’re already in recovery for one type of substance abuse, drinking might lead to an alcohol addiction.

Irresponsible Behavior – Drinking alcohol can lead to all types of bad behavior. From relapsing, to bar fights, automobile accidents, etc. Drinking in recovery is typically a bad idea.

Makes Life Worse – Do you remember how your substance abuse made your life a living hell? That's the reason you're in recovery, right? Alcohol can put you right back into the same bad patterns. You might even create legal issues if drinking violates your probation or parole.

A Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Columbus OH

If you're looking for a holistic drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus OH, then please consider Legacy Freedom. We offer a drug free approach to recovery so you'll never need a crutch to get through life. Take the first step to recovery and please call us today and get the help you need.

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