Don’t Let Resentments Become a Threat to Your Recovery

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Going through recovery can be tough for any addict. Once you sober up and go through your detox stage you realize there are a lot emotions that you now have to deal with instead of running and hiding behind a substance abuse problem. Some of the emotions can even be classified as negative emotions. Negative emotions, such as grudge holding and resentment, might be the most difficult emotions for addicts and alcoholics to deal with. These feelings of persistent ill-will and bitterness can easily trigger relapse. When these negative emotions become all-consuming, sobriety usually takes a back seat and real harm can be done that can jeopardize your hard work thus far.

Alcohol abusers and addicts dealing with resentful emotions toward someone else can also lead to dangerous territory. Holding a grudge only gets worse over time. The longer you keep resenting this person, or place, the stronger and more negative your feelings get and the risk of drinking or using drugs significantly increases.

How Resentments are Triggered

Resentments can be triggered by pretty much everything in your day-to-day life. You could be running late for work and some jerk in front of you causes you to miss your exit, or maybe your boss might have passed you over for a promotion and given it someone you feel is less qualified. You might even feel like your cashier at the fast food joint was being rude to you. All of these types of events can trigger resentful feelings, but they can also be misinterpreted. You have to let go of being mad and understand that the world is not out to get you. More often than not, resentments that addicts feel are all originated in their own mind by their own insecurities about the choices they have made.

But you do not have to feel this way. Legacy Freedom can help you. We offer a holistic drug rehab Columbus OH treatment center that is focused on getting you sober again in a healthy and fun way. We show you how to experience a lifetime full of fun and adventure without the chains of your substance abuse holding you back. Call us today to learn more.

Getting Over It

So how do you get over it and stop creating these crazy scenarios in your head? It is easier said than done. For starters, being an addict is not only a drinking and drug using problem, it is also a mental problem. Your body and mind has to relearn how to deal with people and things without using drugs and alcohol to cope. Addicts have to learn how to let go of negative emotions and the things they cannot control, like the behavior of other people. Instead of wasting energy dwelling on negative situations and being resentful, use it to focus on your recovery and sobriety.

Carrying around a lot of resentment is like carrying around a big sack of rocks with you at all times. It can be tiring, weigh you down emotionally, and might even cause a relapse. As a matter of fact, holding onto these negative emotions will guarantee a relapse. To maintain sobriety, an addict must give up that way of thinking and change the station in their heads to something more positive.

Getting over it doesn't have to be complicated. All you have to do is be willing to be more active in your life. A great place to start is by joining a gym, learning yoga, or practicing meditation. Getting plenty of exercise is a great way to channel negative energy into a positive force. Some even find something as simple as writing in a journal to be all the therapy they need. Whatever you do, do not let these negative emotions overpower you. Stay calm and know you have help.

Drug Rehab Columbus OH | Legacy Freedom

Legacy Freedom offers the best drug rehab Columbus OH facility for outpatient services. Our holistic programs allow for sobriety without using other addictive substances. We do not use any sort of opiate replacement therapy. However, we do use fun and alternative methods that allow you to develop your positive coping skills. Call us today to learn more.

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