Does Gender Affect Addiction?

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Wilmington NCVulnerability to addiction differs from person to person. There are factors such as environment that can determine if someone is more susceptible to abusing drugs or alcohol. Biology can also play a part because of genes, a person’s stage of development, and in some cases their ethnicity or gender.

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Gender and Addiction

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has done research to see if gender plays a role in addiction. They have studied the experiences of males and females from first exposure to drugs to treatment to see if there is a difference in how men and women react. Their research has found that there are differences, when someone chooses to do drugs and which drugs they decide to take. They also found that the effects of drugs are different for men and women. Treatment success rates also differ.

The NIDA reports that men have more opportunity to use drugs, but when both genders are given drugs, they are both likely to try them. Both genders become addicted to drugs such as cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens and inhalants. Women are more likely to become addicted to prescriptions drugs such as sedatives and anxiety medicines, while men are more likely to abuse alcohol and marijuana. Men are also more likely to binge drink than women.

The reason why a person does drugs could be related to gender, according to studies. Men may turn to drugs or alcohol to deal with social and behavioral problems while women tend to abuse them in order to cope with psychological problems.

The way a drug makes a person feel can differ between genders. Studies on animals have shown that female mice allowed to administer their own drugs would give themselves larger doses more often than male mice. Other studies on humans have found that cocaine could have less of a negative impact on a female brain because of a mechanism found in females and not in men. Although studies haven’t pinpointed an exact cause, it could be related to hormonal differences between the sexes.

Alcohol consumption differs between the sexes. Women feel the effects of alcohol faster than men because it is metabolized differently. They also feel the effects more strongly, both when they are “buzzed” or when they suffer from hangovers. However, men are more likely to become alcoholics.

When it comes to treatment, women who seek it are more likely to have had suffered from abuse in the past, may have health problems, and may be undereducated and unemployed. Men who seek treatment are not as likely to have those characteristics. Women are more likely to relapse than men, but it may be because of the factors mentioned above. They could be in a more fragile state and have more issues to deal with than their male counterparts.

Both men and women can benefit from a treatment plan based on their needs in order to successfully recover from addiction.

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