Why Doctors and Nurses Get Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol

raleigh drug rehabWhile some may think doctors and nurses should know better than to take drugs for reasons other than a medical issue, that’s not always the case. People in the medical field are just as susceptible to developing an addiction, and may even be more prone to it. They have many causes working against them. If they aren’t able to find healthy ways to cope, they can turn to drugs or alcohol just like anyone else.

The factors that contribute to addiction among doctors and nurses vary from things involving the level of stress in their jobs to personal issues. Legacy Freedom helps doctors and nurses with affordable Raleigh drug rehab and alcohol treatment. Call us today to learn more!

Reasons Doctors and Nurses Turn to Alcohol and Drugs

Demands during School
The schooling required to become a doctor is intensive. It required four years of undergraduate work, four years of medical school plus a three year residency. Turning to drugs or drinking in order to cope can be common among students. If using drugs as a coping mechanism starts in school, it can be hard to break the pattern after they’ve graduated and secured a job, because the stress of working in their chosen field will likely become greater.

Work Load
Doctors and nurses work long hours, are on call, and often have to manage their own decisions as well as oversee the decisions made by their staff. Sometimes those decisions could mean the difference between life and death. They also have to care for patients and deal with the patients’ families. That’s a lot of pressure, not to mention it leaves little time for their own families, recreation and other activities that can relieve stress. Sometimes it seems like the only option is popping pills or having a few drinks to help relieve stress quickly and easily.

Anxiety over Patients
The reason doctors and nurses chose their fields was so they could help people, but that can cause a lot of pressure. Caring for patients can be rewarding, but it is difficult. Things don’t always work out like they anticipate, and dealing with unexpected outcomes can be upsetting. People in the medical field work with all kinds of patients with different levels of needs, and some can be more demanding than others.

Personal Issues
Healthcare workers are just like anyone else, and may have other issues that led them to use drugs or drink to cope. They may have had bad childhoods. They may be going through a divorce. They could be feeling stressed over the debt they accrued from going to school. While most doctors and nurses who are addicted to prescription drugs don’t do it for recreational purposes, it could have started as a one-time thing and developed into something serious later.

Easy Access to Drugs
Doctors or nurses who started taking prescription drugs to relieve stress have easy access to them, which can lead to an addiction problem. Some prescribe drugs to themselves in a family member’s name, while others take samples from the supplies in their facilities. Some may feel they can handle the drug because they are practicing medical professionals, and that can create a false sense of security, especially as their addiction grows stronger.

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