Different Types of Dementia

Mental Health Therapist in Wilmington, NCThough we often think of dementia as its own disease, there are several different kinds of types that fall underneath this term. Below, you'll find information about all types. If you're searching for an affordable mental health therapist in Wilmington, NC please call Legacy Freedom.

  • Mixed dementia can be caused by having more than one type of dementia. Most of the time, the combinations are Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia. Mixed dementia is a common occurrence. Almost half of all patients that have this type do not know it.

Symptoms include mood changes, behavior issues, difficulty speaking, memory loss, disorientation, problems walking and more typical dementia symptoms.

  • Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, also known as CJD, is very rare. Believe it or not, only one in one million people is diagnosed with CJD each year. Because this form of dementia progresses quickly, most patients pass away within a year of diagnosis.

Symptoms include agitation, depression, confusion, twitching, loss of memory, muscle stiffness and typical dementia symptoms, as well.

  • Frontotemporal dementia can be an umbrella term for various types of dementia with a common denominator. Those who suffer are affected in the front and side parts of the brain. These parts control behavior and language. This disease can also be called Pick’s disease. The disease can affect anyone over the age of 45. Researchers and scientists have yet to find a cause. It can be genetic and affects those with mutated genes.

Symptoms include motivation loss, compulsive behavior, inhibition loss, speech issues and forgetfulness regarding words.

Alzheimer's disease is the most commonly known type of dementia. It's the one most of us have either dealt with at some point or have heard about. It affects memory and is a progressive disease that causes impairment in cognitive function. Alzheimer's can develop over time. Symptoms are experienced well before a diagnosis is given. This type becomes an issue when connections between cells of the brain cause die and eventually causes the brain to shrink.

To learn more about different types of dementia as well as diseases that can cause dementia, be sure to visit back with our blog real soon. We will have even more info.

Proper diagnosis of mental illness and various types of dementia are key in making sure the right type of treatment is being used. While they do have many similarities and are both considered brain disorders, mental illness is not the same type of condition as any type of dementia. Both should be treated correctly with help from a professional.

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