Different Stages of Relapse

Relapse | Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Charlotte NC

Did you know that there are three different stages of relapse? While most recovering addicts think that reverting back to drug use or alcohol abuse is the only "type" of relapse, there are actually three different phases of relapse.

Statistics state that 50% of addicts who enter substance abuse treatment centers in Charlotte NC and find recovery, use drugs or alcohol again within the first year. Relapse is a process that goes through phases. It's not as simple as failing to commit to recovery.

Recovery is a daily process that takes years to obtain. Even then, relapse lurks around every corner. There are many steps in recovery. Addiction is a disease that doesn't go away overnight. It's important to understand that recovery must be practiced daily in order to continue along the path that's free from substance abuse and addiction.

In order to ensure you're able to continue your path to sobriety, it's important to understand relapse and the different stages you will enter before actively reverting back to drug or alcohol use.

For more information about the different stages of relapse, be sure to visit back with us on our next post. We will learn about emotional, mental and physical relapse phases during the next several blog posts.

Legacy Freedom | Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Charlotte NC

If you’re suffering from an addiction and need help finding recovery, consider visiting our substance abuse treatment centers  in Charlotte NC. Addiction isn’t something that can be beat easily. Oftentimes it requires rehab and support from family and loved ones, as well as other recovering addicts that understand your situation.

Legacy Freedom is here to offer both to you, when you’re ready. Addiction can leave you feeling sad, lonely, and angry. You are not alone. Let Legacy Freedom  help you get back on track to a happier, healthy, drug free life. Contact us today, to learn more.


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