Is There a Difference Between Rehab for Teens and Adults?

alcohol rehab in columbus OHTeenagers are different from adults in lots of ways. Shouldn't that mean that drug treatment and alcohol rehab in Columbus OH should be different as well? The answer is an overwhelming yes.

The adolescent years of a young person's life are a period of transition. It marks the end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood. An adolescent's mind works in different ways, and they also have different physical and mental needs. However, most substance abuse treatment plans are geared more towards adults, which does little to help this age group. You see, treatment for adults concentrates on adult problems and mental issues, and these programs are just not right for teenagers. They do not treat an adolescent's age-appropriate needs. Thankfully, there are addiction treatment centers that specialize in helping in teens, and Legacy Freedom is one of the best.

Over the course of this post, we'll explain how we address these issues in teens, and why our programs will help your son or daughter kick addiction. If you have a teenager, or you know someone who has a teenager, with a substance abuse problem, call Legacy Freedom. We offer the best drug and alcohol rehab in Columbus OH. We are an outpatient facility that uses only holistic therapy programs.

The Teenage Addiction Issue

alcohol rehab in Columbus OHBased on current research and data from the 2014’s Monitoring the Future survey of drug use and attitudes among American 8th, 10th, and 12th graders, we know that teenagers are still drinking and getting high. The survey found that an alarming 6 percent of all 12th graders reported daily marijuana smoking. When it came to drinking alcohol within the past month, 9% of 8th graders, 23.5% of 10th graders, and 37.4% of 12th graders reported doing so. The use of illicit drugs during the past year, for all grades combined, did drop to 27.2% in 2014, however, those rates are still very high.

Furthermore, kids also understand how easy it is to get these harmful substances through friends at school, or from their parent's own medicine cabinets.

Teenagers also use drugs for different reasons than adults. Adults usually drink or do drugs to escape one of their many problems. It could be financial issues, having a terrible job, or even relationship problems that lead them down a road of addiction. Sometimes a medical procedure can leave them addicted to opiates and other pain killers. Younger people sometimes engage in drug and alcohol use because of the following:

  • Boredom
  • Curiosity
  • Ignorance
  • To act cool
  • Peer pressure
  • They think it's fun
  • To appear to be more mature
  • Rebelling against authority
  • See their parents using drugs

Another problem that we have to be aware of is that teenagers rarely speak up about their addiction problems. It might be because they aren't aware of how serious their problems are, or that they're ashamed of their situation, or they do not trust their parents or guardians to help them appropriately. That's why you can depend on Legacy Freedom to provide the best type of drug and alcohol rehab in Columbus OH for your teenager.

The Differences Between Teen and Adult Rehab

Alcohol Rehab in Columbus OHAt Legacy Freedom, we offer individualized treatment programs for teens. We understand that most teens do not feel comfortable sharing in a group setting with a bunch of strange adults. Furthermore, adults might share age-inappropriate details about their addictions that could create problems for the recovering teenager.

We also understand a teenager's brain is not as fully developed as an adult's brain. A younger person's brain can continue to develop well into their 20s. This not only means that they process information differently, but substance abuse can also do more damage and create more downstream problems with mental health issues. Furthermore, a young person has different addiction triggers and their bodies react to detoxification in ways that adults do not.

Legacy Freedom is also an outpatient facility for drug treatment and alcohol rehab in Columbus OH. This allows your son or daughter to be at home, where they feel most safe. Inpatient facilities might make a teenager feel trapped, or like they're in jail. This feeling of confinement usually hinders the recovery process.

Finally, parents and teens love our multi-faceted approach to addiction treatment. We use an alternative strategy that allows our patients to experience life in a new manner. With programs that focus on wilderness and adventure activities as well as many others, your son or daughter will get a second chance at life without addiction holding them back.

We hope that today's post has shown you the importance of choosing the right addiction treatment program for your teenage son or daughter. Just remember that Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers specializes in personalized substance abuse help for teens. Please give us a call if you have any questions.

Dependable Drug Treatment and Alcohol Rehab in Columbus OH for Teens and Adults

Drug addiction, alcohol abuse and other forms of substance abuse are controlling diseases that can get worse over time. Legacy Freedom Treatment Center knows how important it is to receive effective, comprehensive treatment that is specialized to each individual, and not a group. Our outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Columbus OH includes holistic and alternative therapies that are customized to fit your needs. It’s not just a 12-step, or a one-size-fits-all program; it’s about real recovery with real people. Our outpatient methodology also allows your loved ones to be able to be home for the summer, go to work, or attend school!

Call us today to speak with an admissions counselor at our Columbus treatment center and ask them about all the ways that we can help your family get better.

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