Why Being a Designated Driver Is Awesome

alcohol rehab in Asheville NCHave you ever wondered what it's like to go out on the town and have fun without alcohol? You should try it! You can gain a whole new perspective on life and having fun with friends.

If you're not sure if you can do it, volunteer to be the designated driver. As a DD you are going to be able to hold yourself accountable to your friends to ensure they get home safe and sound.

A DD is important and even better, quite awesome! You'll find that you can have just as much fun without the alcohol.

Need more reasons why you should try being a DD? Consider the following. If you need affordable alcohol rehab in Asheville NC, please call Legacy Freedom!

Why You Should Be a Designated Driver!

You can help save a life. Did you know that more than twenty-five people a day are killed in alcohol related car accidents? That’s too many. If you’re able to save even one life, do it. You’ll feel grateful and proud of yourself every time. Drunk driving has become a popular thing to do when that shouldn’t be the case.

You’ll save the calories. Drinking sugary, carb filled drinks can really up your calorie content for the day. If you’re trying to watch your weight or stay as healthy as possible, drinking isn’t a good idea.

You’ll save money. Spending the night out drinking can be quite expensive. Alcohol can cost anywhere from five to twenty dollars a drink. That’s not including the tip or a cab. And, if you end up with a DUI the costs skyrocket even more. Instead of worrying about it, consider being the DD.

You’ll have more fun. It might seem like drinking the night away is a blast. But in reality, trouble always comes from that. Whether it’s a fight, arrest or other issue, being the DD is a better idea. And, you can have fun without worrying that you’ll do something you regret later on.

You’ll feel better. Drinking has negative effects on your body. You’ll feel sluggish the next day, be nauseous the night after drinking and more. Why feel bad when you can have fun and feel good without drinking?

You won’t be the center of attention. Sometimes, you might worry that not drinking will cause you to be the highlight of the evening. That’s not the case. No one cares whether or not you drink alcohol while you’re out. If you are worried about it, have a cranberry juice over ice or club soda in a cocktail glass. No one will ever know the difference.

You won’t be alone. There will be others choosing to refrain from drinking alcohol, as well. Either take a few sober friends with you to the bar or party or find a few that are already there. Whatever the case, you’ll have a blast either way.

You’ll be a friend they can rely on. There’s something to be said for being needed. Knowing that friends rely on you is a big deal. It shows you’re compassionate and caring.

You’ll avoid issues. Whether it’s health problems like weakened immune systems, cancer or high blood pressure, or alcohol-induced brawls or engagement, drinking causes a lot of issues that can be easily avoided if you choose to refrain from consuming it.

Are you convinced now that this is something awesome that you can do? If so, congrats! You're going to love it. If you have a friend that is drinking too much and are worried about their health, then ask about our alcohol rehab in Asheville NC. Call Legacy Freedom to learn more!

DD Tips

Alcohol Rehab in Asheville NCConsidering the following information when choosing to be a DD for your friends:

Below, you'll find several tips that will help you during your night out as a DD.

  • Have a non-alcoholic drink. As we mentioned above, having a cranberry juice on the rocks or club soda might make it look like you’re having a vodka drink. Then, no one will offer you the real deal. Always keep a mocktail with you.
  • Don’t leave your friends hanging. This will be terrible. You are not only letting them down but putting them and others in danger. What if someone decides they’re able to drive and then wrecks, hurting themselves and others? Don’t leave them hanging. If you volunteer, follow through.
  • Don’t drink. Even if you think you can have one and be fine, don’t. Having zero to drink is the only way to be a DD. One drink often leads to two or three and then more. Don’t tempt yourself and leave your friends without a ride home.

Do you have trouble refraining from drinking alcohol while going out? Do you wish you could be the DD for friends, but can't seem to stay away from consumption? Is alcohol ruining your life, work and relationships?

Taking action through alternative therapy and alcohol rehab in Asheville NC at Legacy Freedom is the right path. Recovery is just around the corner. You’ll no longer have to feel depressed, hate your very existence or worry about where your next high is coming from. You can start focusing on getting healthy and mending the broken relationships that need to be fixed.

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