Depression and Your Sex Life

Raleigh, NC depression treatmentIf you or your partner struggle with depression you know that it affects every aspect of your lives. Some days getting out of bed in the morning is a struggle, and when it comes to sex, depression can be a major factor in what happens in bed. While sex naturally helps boost your mood (see our previous post on sex and its mental health benefits) and can even alleviate some symptoms of depression, struggling to find the desire and the energy to have sex is a problem for many people.

We know that depression affects the brain chemistry and throws off all of the body's systems, however, anti-depressants can have the same effect. While it is possible that you can be depressed and have a normal sex life, more often than not the combination of the brain's chemicals and the antidepressants make this challenging. Here's what you and your partner need to know about sex and depression:

  • Antidepressant medications can affect sexual performance. If your antidepressant is having an effect on your sex life, let your doctor know. Many options have reduced sexual side effects. Vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction and suppressed interest in sex because of these medications is common. These drugs can also inhibit orgasms, delaying them or keeping them from happening at all.
  • Lack of sleep can significantly affect the interest and desire to have sex. People who suffer from depression are more likely to have insomnia or get low quality sleep. Together the two can make the person feel like they are too tired or too lazy to have sex.
  • Men who suffer from depression are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction, increased fatigue, hopelessness and decreased libido. The hindrance of the brain's activity during depression contributes to all of these factors directly.
  • Inability to reach orgasm and lacking interest in sex is the result of the depressive hindrance on brain activity in women.

Legacy Freedom of Raleigh knows that depression affects more than just your sex life. Depression affects your relationships with your spouse, partner, children, friends and family. This illness makes it difficult to work, enjoy everyday activities and turns even the simplest task into a struggle. Our holistic Raleigh, NC depression treatment is focused on you and your needs, not just your depression. Through our combination of traditional talk therapy and alternative therapies like cognitive behavior therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy and adventure therapy, Legacy Freedom can help you identify the root of your depression and begin to live and enjoy your life again.

It is important to remember that your partner's loss of interest in sex because of depression is in no way an indicator of how they feel about you, your relationship, or a reflection of their sexual attraction to you. Encouraging your partner to seek treatment, supporting them in their treatment progress, and celebrating their personal milestones with them is a good way to keep the intimacy in your relationship. Over time, the sexual intimacy will return. Find ways to spend time together that will have mood boosting benefits like taking a walk or going to a fitness class together. Exercise has many positive effects on mood and energy level.

Raleigh, NC Depression Treatment You Can Trust!

No matter what you choose, getting out and getting moving is a great way to help combat your depression. If you, or someone you love, are suffering from depression, help is just a phone call or click away. Our dedicated staff of professional therapists and clinicians is ready to help you discover and live your best life with holistic and alternative Raleigh, NC depression treatment. Call Legacy Freedom of Raleigh NC and find out why holistic therapy could be the right choice for you.

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