Depression During Divorce

mental health therapist in Columbus, OHWith more than 50 percent of marriages in the United States ending in divorce each year it is no wonder that the number of people experiencing divorce and depression is on the rise. Dealing with divorce can be extremely painful and force you to experience some very unpleasant emotions. Depression can happen long after the ink has dried on your divorce decree or smack dab in the middle of your move into your own place. Whenever it happens, know that you don’t have to face it alone.

The staff at Legacy Freedom is here to help you through this difficult transition. We understand the anxiety, fear, loneliness, sadness and anger that you feel. Choosing to care for yourself during this transition allows you to better care for your children and adjust to your new life in a positive way. Utilizing our holistic treatment methods allows you to combine talk therapy and medication with alternative therapies like life coaches, aromatherapy, adventure therapy, nutrition and acupuncture. Depression doesn’t have to win, choose to fight back with Legacy Freedom. Call us today!

Depression can rear its ugly head anytime you experience major life changes. Divorce is one of the biggest. Men are twice as likely to suffer from depression during a divorce, while wives are four times more likely to file for a divorce, according to a 2013 study by the Huffington Post. Men also do not tend to have a large support system in place and they are more likely to lose their kids. Not to mention the post-divorce financial obligation most men face. These factors lead to significant stress and stress leads to depression.

So how can you help yourself?

  • Build a support network that is filled with positive energy. Have someone you can vent to and be honest with about your feelings. Do not dwell on the things you cannot change or control. Focus on moving forward, building yourself up again and making yourself feel loved. Most people tend to feel defeated and rejected after divorce.
  • Find something constructive to do with your time. Take up the hobby you have always wanted to and lose yourself in it for a bit. Focus your energy each day on making yourself better and rebuilding your self-confidence. Find out who you are again and get to know yourself. Many individuals just getting out of a marriage have been focusing on the negative and have been so unhappy each day that they do not know what truly makes them smile anymore. Be positive and force yourself to go out and do things outside of your comfort zone. Do not lock yourself away.
  • Avoiding a rebound relationship is also a great idea since those tend to only hurt the other person involved.
  • Take the time to heal and stay healthy. Eat and nourish your body each day. This will help keep your mind sharp and feeling good.

Acknowledging your feelings during your divorce is important. Working through them in a healthy and productive manner not only allows you to move on from the divorce but towards your new life with a healthy mental mindset.

Trustworthy Mental Health Therapist in Columbus, OH | Legacy Freedom

If you feel that you are struggling with depression or other issues during your divorce, our mental health therapist in Columbus, OH is here to help. Our staff is ready to listen and encourage you during this time of transition. Utilizing our holistic approach to mental health, we can help you feel better and get you on your way to the next chapter in your life. When you are ready to begin your healing journey, give our Columbus, OH, office a call.

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