Dementia or Mental Illness?

Confused Senior Man With Dementia Looking At Wall CalendarWhether we realize it or not, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and dementia are all disorders of the brain. While mental illness and dementia are different types of disorders, they are similar in many ways. If you're searching for a psychologist in Greensboro, NC that works with seniors, call Legacy Freedom. We can help your family.

Brain disorders are problematic for three reasons. They affect how we think, how we feel, and how we move. For example, dementia causes issues with how we think, solve problems and judge.

Both dementia and mental illness can be caused from a number of things. It is uncertain what exactly causes the conditions. Below, you will find many factors that can play a part in and progress both disorders.

  • Genetics – It's possible you were born with factors that can cause mental illness and dementia at some point in your life. It may be in your genes.
  • Environmental – There are many factors that can come into play when it comes to environmental and social interactions. Things like isolation, atmosphere, climate changes and more can cause triggers.
  • Biological – Sometimes, we have changes in the brain. These physical differences can calls various types of mental disorders and dementia.
  • Psychological – Self-esteem issues, problems coping, high stress and more can lead to these disorders, as well.

Below, you will find similarities between dementia and mental disorders.

  • Healthcare professionals are typically the first to notice changes.
  • Those suffering from dementia can suffer from anxiety, depression and some types of psychiatric issues.
  • Isolation, disengagement and other issues arise when people learn their loved ones are suffering from mental disorders. They're not sure how to handle it. This also happens with dementia, as well.

There are risk factors of each of these conditions that do play a part in their progression. For example, someone who suffers from chronic high blood pressure might increase their risk of developing dementia. Those with a high stress job and constant feelings of being stretched too thin might be higher risk for a mental disorder.

It's important to take great care of yourself throughout your life, especially as an adult. Eating a healthy, well balanced diet, getting the right amount of exercise and refraining from drug or alcohol abuse is key in overall well being. These things might not exempt you from developing a mental illness or dementia at some point, but it will help keep the progress of it down immensely.

Proper diagnosis of both mental illness and dementia is key in making sure the right type of treatment is being used, as well. While they do have many similarities and are both considered brain disorders, mental illness is not the same type of condition as dementia. Both should be treated correctly with help from a professional.

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