Defining Sexual and Substance Abuse, Continued

Drug Rehab Columbus OH We're talking about the links between sexual abuse and substance abuse. In our last post, we defined sexual abuse and gave you a few examples of what it entails. If you have questions about what sexual abuse is, then our last post is a great resource for you. Below we'll be diving deeper into defining what substance abuse is. If you are searching for the best drug rehab Columbus OH services for addiction problems, call Legacy Freedom. Call us now for more information about our holistic treatment options! We are here to help you beat addiction this summer!

The Definition of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is defined as a patterned use of drugs or alcohol where users consume substances with methods or in amounts that can either harm themselves or other people. This happens even if the individual understands that these patterns can create legal and health troubles. When a person engages in substance abuse, a full blown addiction is soon to follow. Substance abuse and addiction leads to health problems, withdrawal, and lots of trouble in your personal life.

Even though substance abuse is a choice, there are still many driving risk factors behind those choices being made. One of those factors that we're discussing in this series is childhood sexual abuse. Here are a few other factors that can produce substance abuse issues from childhood.

  • Little parental involvement
  • Little to no nurturing from a parent or guardian
  • Parental or guardian substance abuse problems that occur in front of the child

When a child grows up in a broken household, and the protective factors to keep them safe are not in place, sexual and other types of abuse can easily occur. A substance abuse problem can also occur later on in life from a combination of these factors.

Be sure to join us for the next post in this series. We'll be talking about how sexual abuse directly contributes to substance abuse.

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