New Slang – Deciphering What Your Teens Are Saying

Drug Rehabilitation in Columbus OHIf you have teenagers, or teach them, staying up on all of the new slang should be important to you. Understanding their language means you're staying informed and keeping them safe from dangerous situations.

Today, we are going to define some of the newest slang words your teens are probably using. Hopefully you'll be able to decipher their code words with ease after reading this post. If you have a teen that needs alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Columbus OH, be sure to call Legacy Freedom. You'll love our outpatient treatment options.

How to Decipher What Your Kids Are Saying

Kids these days are speaking a different language from when most of us were younger. "Cool" still means good, and "bad" could mean bad or good, but other words and phrases now have hidden meanings. Take a look at the list below and their definitions. Some of these might surprise you.

Doing Laundry

Even us older folks know that using the phrase "dirty laundry" doesn't mean someone is wearing unclean clothes. It typically refers to someone's private matters being exposed to the public causing them to feel stressed or embarrassed. Doing laundry falls along the same lines.

If you find that your child is using this term frequently with their friends, without washing and drying clothes, you might need to investigate. These days, "doing laundry" could mean that they are working hard to hide something, or cover something up so an adult or peer will not find out about it.

Netflix and Chill

This one sounds innocent, right? If I were reading this I would automatically assume that my child wanted to binge watch movies on Netflix and just relax for a while. A few years ago, that would have been correct. According to other social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, "Netflix and chill" means something entirely different.

Teens are now using this phrase as a code-word for engaging in premarital sex, or hooking up.

These are just two examples of the new teen slang. Be sure to join us for the second part of this post. We'll be listing out even more new teen slang words and their definitions.

Final Thoughts

An informed parent is a prepared parent. Keeping up with the latest slang will ensure that you're also maintaining a safe home. If you think your son or daughter has a substance abuse problem, keep reading to see how Legacy Freedom can help your teenager!

Dependable Drug Rehabilitation in Columbus OH for Teens

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