Dealing With Thanksgiving Triggers

Holidays can often be the worst time of year for recovering addicts. Time spent with family, financial strain and other factors can lead to thoughts of drinking alcohol. Meal prep, cleaning our homes and more can really do a number for our stress level, in general. Those that are recovering from an addiction have all that much more pressure.

Thankfully, there are several ways to avoid or deal with triggers during Thanksgiving. Below, you’ll find several ideas.

Thanksgiving Triggers | Alcohol Rehab Charlotte NC

Traditions – You might have set traditions you and your family follow every year. That means dredging up old memories and habits, drinking away the holiday at grandma’s house are front and center. Consider, instead, changing things up this year. Invite everyone to your house, or have another family member host the dinner if possible. Those that support you will do whatever it takes to ensure you don’t go against your recovery process by triggering thoughts of drinking alcohol.

Avoid Family – If you used to find yourself drinking because of time spent with family and the drama that can sometimes come with it, avoid the situation altogether. You will be missed, but supportive family will understand your decision to stay at home. For those that have a cousin or uncle that lead to drinking during the holidays, go to the dinner but stay away from them as much as possible. Enlighten another family member of your predicament and allow them to help keep you distracted and distant.

It might seem impossible to stay away from triggers during Thanksgiving, but with the right mindset and supportive family, you’ll be able to change traditions and do whatever it takes to continue in your recovery. For more ideas that might help you with avoiding or dealing with triggers during the upcoming holiday season, be sure to visit with our next blog post, soon!

Do you have any tips that might help recovering addicts steer clear of triggers this holiday season? If so, share with us! For more information regarding staying sober during upcoming holidays and more, be sure to visit back with our blog soon!

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