Dealing with Thanksgiving Triggers Continued

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, recovering addicts tend to worry about how they’ll deal with the holiday and family. It’s hard to place yourself in a situation that, in the past, might have lead to drinking in excess. There are ways, however, to help you deal with triggers during this time.

In our last blog post we talked about things like changing traditions and avoiding problematic family members. Today, we ofer a few more ways to help you deal with Thanksgiving triggers.

Dealing With Triggers | Alcohol Rehab in Charlotte NC

You Have Options – Don’t forget that no matter what old traditions are, you have options. Spending time with family is nice when it’s easy to handle and doesn’t make you think of drinking alcohol. But, when you’re emersed in drama and stress, it’s hard to remember your recovery. Step away from the situation and make the best choice for yourself. Supportive family will understand if you don’t make it to the traditional Thanksgiving Day meal.

Be Realistic – You should keep in mind that the holiday meal with be stressful. You should also remind your family of that, as well. Things won’t be perfect. You will be worried about your sobriety and you might have to change in order to deal with things in a positive way.

You’re going to need a great deal of support this holiday season if you want to continue with recovery. Be open and honest about your concerns and lean on supportive family to help you deal with triggers. If you can’t work through them, avoid them. You have that option. Those that don’t respect your decision to remove yourself from a situation that might lead you to drinking isn’t someone you should trust yourself around during this time. Whatever the choice, make sure it’s the best one for you.

Do you have any tips that might help recovering addicts steer clear of triggers this holiday season? If so, share with us! For more information regarding staying sober during upcoming holidays and more, be sure to visit back with our previous blog, soon!

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