Dealing with Clutter and Depression

drug treatment in columbus OHThanks for joining us for part two in our series on clutter and depression. If you have not yet figured it out, depression and clutter have an intimate relationship as they both feed off each other. We discussed this in part one. To read more about being messy and depressed, click here.

In today's post, we are going to discuss several tips that will help you break this cycle as well as tidy up your home! Do you, or someone you know, need alcohol or drug treatment in Columbus OH? Make Legacy Freedom your first choice for help. Call our Columbus facility today to learn more.

Dealing with Clutter and Depression

The first step to beating your clutter and depression problem is knowing that you're not alone. There are many reality television shows that display ordinary people, just like you, suffering from the same cluttering and hoarding tendencies. Being trapped and surrounded by all of that mess can make you feel isolated, but you're not. You do have to reach out for help though, especially if you're depressed. Let the people in your trusted circle know what you're feeling. Ask them to come over and help you get your place back in order. This can often be a great way to get some judgement-free help.

You also have to make it a point to not let the depression and clutter continue to beat you. You have to make a stand and develop the right attitude that you're going to clean everything up. Depending on your situation, it might be a task that will take more than a few hours to accomplish, so make a plan of attack. Break everything down into manageable goals. Tell yourself that you're going to do a little cleaning each day. After a while, this will develop into a routine. And we all know how important routines are to recovering addicts.

Finally, you have to let go. If you have hoarding tendencies, just know that your life will go on after throwing away those magazines from two years ago. Sometimes, hoarders feel specific emotional connections to random intimate objects and these feelings can make it very hard to dispose of unneeded items. Remember, you have no real emotional attachment to them, and you will not lose any important connections.

Be sure to visit back with our blog real soon, especially if you need tips on how to get through recovery and beat addiction. Click here for part three in this series where we give you even more tips for dealing with clutter and depression. For those with substance abuse problems, keep reading to see how Legacy Freedom can help you!

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